EMMERDALE EPISODES: The hunt for Emma’s murderer continues in Emmerdale (and will do for months according to Series Producer Iain MacLeod. We’re bored already!) and this week Adam’s arrested…again. He’s not in the clink for long though because next minute he’s pointing the finger at Ross and Pete Barton. Pointing that hard that Ross decides to make like a shepherd and get the flock out of there! Elsewhere, Aaron looks like he’s getting a new lodger in the form of Gerry (We love Gerry) and possibly a new career of midwifery when it looks like he’s going to have deliver Rebecca’s baby (Was it ever in doubt?). Pollard has a new scheme while Robert is on his 978th attempt to pull the wool over the White’s eyes!

Note: Apologies for less pictures than usual but due to the early release of embargoed information and episode leaks from other websites/bloggers, ITV has restricted all access to its press material. Seems these ‘leakers’ are spoiling it for everyone not just those who want to be spoiled!