They are the backbone of soaps – get it right and viewers will keep coming back in their droves. Forming a special part of serial dramas, they can be electric to watch at times. What are we on about? The good old fashioned soap relationship. Contributor @Ishipvanity talks about the latest Emmerdale couples or ‘ships’ ready to set sail. 

Emmerdale Opinions: The latest Emmerdale couples to watch (and ship)An integral part of the soap world is seeing characters go through from the initial stages of a relationship right up to them eventually exchanging of vows. These can be a real joy to watch but even the strongest of relationships hit rockier and unstable waters. Emmerdale is the same with three power Emmerdale couples in #RobronAaron Dingle (Danny Miller) and Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley), #CoiraCain (Jeff Hordley) and Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb), and  now #Vanity, Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) and Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins). 

There are three newer Emmerdale couples that are very much worth the investment of the viewers’ time. Here are three relationships in the Dales that are well and truly set to make their own indelible mark on village life.

Pete Barton and Rhona Goskirk (#Petona)

Emmerdale Opinions: The latest Emmerdale couples to watch (and ship)Over the years Pete Barton (Antony Quinlan) and Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) have had their fair share of love woes. From cheating on their respective partner to undergoing massive trauma as Rhona suffered sexual assault by then husband Pierce Harris (Jonathan Wrather) it’s safe to say the duo are in need of a stable loving relationship again.

With Rhona seemingly at odds with coming to terms with accepting she can have a relationship again mixed in with Pete having to shed his reputation for cheating. Leading Vanessa Woodfield and Tracy Shankley (Amy Walsh) going all cliched French detective agency to catch Pete “cheating” on Rhona with another woman. Only to realise Pete being taught sign language so he could communicate better with Leo Goskirk ( Harvey Rogerson) a facepalm moment if there ever was one. 

There has been a mini break-up along the way but the very fact that Pete has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure he can help Rhona with Leo more effectively and really invest time into the relationship and her family.

Rhona seemingly more assured that the relationship has legs is a huge indicator should all things be equal will go the distance and accumulate into what is rumoured to be the Christmas wedding that Emmerdale boss Jane Hudson alluded to recently.

There is so much potential to this relationship if creatives storyline them well. Rhona finally getting the loving stable relationship she desires after Paddy. Pete finally settling down and sheding his player past is an engaging watch. Given Ross Barton’s (Michael Parr) departure, giving Pete a greater purpose and connection with village life is a must.

Bernice Blackstock and Dr Liam Cavanagh (#Cavastock)

Emmerdale Opinions: The latest Emmerdale couples to watch (and ship)Hot on the heels of Pete and Rhona is frankly one of the most hilariously engaging relationships in soap right now. After the breakdown of his relationship with Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein) the dashing village Doctor Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) turned his attention to Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) despite her being in an unhappy relationship with Daz Spencer (Mark Jordon).

Over the past few weeks, we have seen Daz seemingly unaware that Bernice and Liam have been seeing each other and it was not until this week that Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) and Jimmy King ( Nick Miles) caught them in the throws of passion. It led to Bernice in a very public way separating from Daz.

The Emmerdale viewership have been willing creatives to bring #Cavastock together on social media. The two are so suited to each other and the playful comedic moments offer light relief. There is a sense they are the Waitrose of Emmerdale couples and could have a very bright future ahead. Should Liam’s daughter Leanna ( Mimi Slinger) not throw a spanner into the works that is…

Bernice has been swept off her feet and Liam seems smitten with her. Whilst forming any soap relationship on cheating is generally a toxic affair, sometimes it can bear fruit of a healthy relationship.

This seems to perhaps ring true with #Cavastock; they match and balance each other out with on screen chemistry that jumps off the screen should they step-out together following Daz and Bernice’s separation. They could prove to be one of the strongest couples in the village.

What is clear creatives should not go down the road of Daz trying to win her back. There needs to be a closure to their relationship as it has in reality run it’s course and the viewers’ patience with it. Bernice finally deserves to be truly happy with a partner that appreciates her and Liam certainly fits the bill. Whilst Liam on the other hand needs to find love after Maya.

Maya Stepney and David Metcalf (#Mayvid)

Emmerdale Opinions: The latest Emmerdale couples to watch (and ship)If Liam wasn’t expecting to find love in the village, his wife Maya certainly staring across at David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) over drinks and olives in the shop in his vain attempt at winning a retail shop award probably wasn’t either.

David suffice to say holds the Emmerdale award for least likely to have a drama free relationship. The odds of #Mayvid going the distance are as remote as David winning that retail award. With a number of characters including Leanna willing and conspiring against them the basis for a strong relationship are not firm. Despite Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) support of the history teacher there seems to be at least for now a calming of the waters. However with Jacob’s growing infatuation of Maya bubbling in the background, it would not take much for the relationship to hit the rocks. 

Maya already is on Jessie Grant’s (Sandra Marvin) radar on her inappropriate behaviour and the attitude towards being challenged by anyone, should be red flags ahead where Maya is concerned. David in the meantime has tried to go all United Nations peacekeeper in keeping the relationship on an even keel. Whilst the two could have something really interesting on the cards, Maya’s almost petulant streak and temper could scupper the relationship even before David has the chance to wreck it himself. They do fit well but the toxic past relationships could be their eventual unhinging. A couple to firmly watch but a long term deal well the jury is still out.

Only time will tell if #Cavastock, #Petona and #Mayvid have a long-term future ahead of them and given it’s soapworld, it means anything is possible – no soap couple are ever happy for long. It would break the mould if the three couples could work through their dramas with a positive outcome, a pipe dream to hold on to but sometimes, just sometimes soap can surprise you!


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