After pictures emerged of an abandoned Doctor Who tour facility, we thought it was important to recognise how brilliant the Emmerdale Studio Experience is and why one visit is not enough for fans. 

Emmerdale Opinions: Why fans should visit Emmerdale Studio Experience (more than once!)

We have been lucky enough to visit the Emmerdale Studio Experience, housed at the old Emmerdale studios on Burley Rd in Leeds, more than once since it opened in 2016 and every time we are thrilled to find something new.

The most recent addition is the interior set of Cafe Main Street, which has to be the second most used set on Emmerdale, with the Woolpack being the first. On the new display, you can step behind the counter and walk in Brenda and Bob’s shoes or take a seat and listen out for any gossip – if only those walls could talk!

Emmerdale Opinions: Why fans should visit Emmerdale Studio Experience (more than once!)We are so privileged to have a venue like this, not only for us to enjoy an insight into our favourite programme but also because the Emmerdale Studio Experience embraces the show’s fans.

We can tell you first hand that friendships have been made with the people you meet on the tours, because it happened to us! And from that we created the first Emmerdaily Big Day Out where more new friends joined us to talk about this soap that we all love.

The actual tour starts with a video and each time we have been, more and more footage has been added with memorable moments from over the years, with the latest version narrated by the much missed Val Pollard, played by Charlie Hardwick.

Visitors start their journey with a look back to the very first episode of Emmerdale Farm back on 16th October 1972. From there, its onto the story office and an insight into how the storylines are created, with the extensive list of accolades adorning the walls and a cabinet of awards.

Emmerdale Opinions: Why fans should visit Emmerdale Studio Experience (more than once!)Make up, editing, props and a hallway full of costumes are all to be enjoyed before a visit to the inside of the Dingle homestead Wishing Well Cottage. Props adorn the coffee table ready for you to get an official photograph. 

Other interiors that we’re used to seeing on screen include the pink palace of the Beauty & Bernice salon and the lounge of Smithy Cottage before reaching the grand finale – the interior of The Woolpack where you can pretend to pull a pint (although if you actually pull, real beer comes out as its a working bar!).

Emmerdale Opinions: Why fans should visit Emmerdale Studio Experience (more than once!)But before you reach the famous pub setting, you get further reminders of past storylines, Super Soap Week stunts with brilliant behind the scenes videos, and the great characters we have lost. 

A miniature village is a great preview for those who have yet to visit the real Village set – which is definitely not to be missed. 

The Emmerdale Studio Experience has evolved since it opened, with the focus more balanced now between how our favourite show is made and those favourite stories, characters and locations we know and love. 

With around 25 people to each tour, you get plenty of time to get pictures and have a good look at the smaller elements – the attention to detail remains exceptional as are the tour guides, most of which are fans themselves – they have to be just in case they get a load of super fans questioning them. 

From the Woolpack, there’s a final stop at the well stocked gift shocked where a bag from David’s Shop is the best seller.

Emmerdale Studio Experience offers discounts for locals and early bird visitors on weekdays, school tours and most recently, Hen Party packages with shots from Dingle’s welly glasses. 

It really is a fantastic day out for Emmerdale fans of all ages. So if you’ve never been, get a date in your diary and tickets booked… And if you have been before, get a date in your diary and tickets booked… you’ll be surprised at all the new things there are to enjoy. 



  1. I did the Emmerdale Village Tour and the Studio Experience back in July this year and absolutely loved it! If I lived innthe UK (I’m Canadian), I’d go again more easily. There was so much about both tours that I loved.


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