Emmerdale New Year Wish List 2020

As we get set to depart 2019, here’s contributor IshipVanity‘s ten things that she thinks should be on Emmerdale fans’ wish list for 2020.

Emmerdale Opinions: 10 things that should be on every Emmerdale fan's 2020 wish list
2020 Emmerdale Wishlist

Presents opened, mulled wine consumed, dodgy jokes read and Emmerdale Christmas Day episode watched. It’s all the fun of the festive fair but like Christmas, the New Year and new decade offers a chance to look forward to a better year and that goes for our favourite cast of characters. Looking ahead to 2020, there are plenty of storylines that are on Emmerdailians wish lists. Here are a few from @IshipVanity that maybe on yours…

1) Tour De Tracy 

Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) has had a tough 2019, seeing her father Frank Clayton (Micheal Pread) die in an explosion at the Sharma’s sweet factory. It led to a quest to clear his name after being linked to a theft from the factory. What does 2020 hold for her, love or a new business opportunity?  Tracy has been criminally underused as a character and deserves to take centre stage next year. A new romance and a slice of happiness in the new year. Not to mention the new dynamic it would create, given the creatives have toyed with the idea of a romantic partnership with Pete Barton (Anthony Quinlan). However that partnership will not get off the ground as the actor is leaving the soap sometime next year. A romantic partnership will give Tracy a different dimension and could sow the seeds of a new power-couple in the village. Equally a hard hitting issue based storyline could see actress Amy Walsh sink her teeth into with great relish, and given she is one of the standout performers in all of soap-land, could prove unmissable drama.

2) Aaron finds solace 

It would be a huge understatement to say Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) had a tough 2019. Seeing the love of his life get sent down, losing Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) to her majesty’s pleasure has sent him on a downward spiral and hitting the self-destruct button! Creatives promised that the character would go to a very dark place. Aaron’s post-Robert life already has seen actor Danny Miller shine in the storyline. Moving forward it seems as if at least for the foreseeable the road he is on, destructive as it maybe, is going to be a mainstay for the character. However, in 2020 the viewership should see him find comfort in his family including his new sister Eve. Creatives may have looked towards a new romance but so soon after Robert and his divorce maybe a bitter pill to swallow. Finding solace and peace would be the better path to go down to truly address his trauma would be more powerful.

3) Vanity wedding 

It feels an absolute age since we saw Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) put a ring on Vanessa Woodfield’s (Michelle Hardwick) finger in a farce of a proposal at Home Farm. The duo will have their hands full as it looks like Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) will be led astray further by her school friends and the mysterious Danny. This will be the main narrative focal-point going into 2020. However, our wish list must include a potential great big Vanity wedding in the new year. Cementing further their commitment to each-other and all the pomp and pageantry that will go with it. It would mark another important milestone for the couple and bring their story full circle from “if it’s a Mrs and Mrs white wedding your looking for, I’m so not your woman” to an “I do”. Just don’t elope please!

4) Priya out of the cold

She’s seen her family’s factory and livelihood blow to smithereens and gone all vigilante with kidnapping Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein). However, it seems one of the year’s wasted of opportunities was Priya Kotecha (Fiona Wade) and the relapse of her eating disorder. In 2020, I hope Emmerdale creatives revisit this arc or offer actress Fiona Wade’s character a big storyline. Emmerdailians know what she is capable of and it seems as if she is one of the lost characters in the Dales, only popping up occasionally with no real focus. This has to change as we go into the new year and the new decade.

5) Tate dynasty reborn 

Home Farm back in the hands of the Tate ownership is primed for a new Tate dynasty right? The hallowed grounds of the Farm have been a lucrative asset to its owner. However, it seems an outdoor pursuit centre could provide a modern alternative to the pheasant shooting and cooperate days at the farm. Ever since Kim Tate (Claire King) and her investment partner Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) got a cut price deal for the ashes of the Sharma & Sharma factory, it seems Kim wants to build another business empire and laud it over the rest of the village. Whilst her son Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) may not want anything to do with his mother’s business dealings, seeing Kim forge a new dynasty off the back of the outdoor pursuits centre is a tantalising one. And any time Kim is being ruthless along the way is such an enthralling watch.

6) Dawn and Billy’s romance 

They both come from troubled backgrounds, which make them click as a couple. Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) and Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) are ones to watch as they take their first tentative but endearing steps as a couple. They simply work and to see two very much troubled characters find some happiness in shared experiences is a powerful narrative. Their relationship also creates a stronger foundation for Dawn’s son Lucas to be brought into the family, and for Billy to find the stable relationship he so desperately craves, seeking his own redemption after years in prison. Seeing their blossoming relationship soar would offer some light hearted relief and also further giving the characters more purpose.

7) Nate and Cain reconciliation 

There are many ways to be introduced to your son, but mid-fight on a boat must rank high up there in soap shock moments as Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) shocked his father Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) to the core with his familiar bombshell! In the run up to his shock admission, it saw Nate engage in an affair with step-mum (oh the joys of soap) Moira Barton (Natalie J Robb) to enact revenge on his father not being there for him. Nate has since sought reconciliation towards his father but has been met with nothing short of distain from Cain. Could 2020 be the year they are set to reconcile even if it seems a million miles away from happening right now? It would be a narrative arc that could prove captivating to see a father and son reconcile. Yes on paper it maybe obscene in the manner in which the shock admission came about – sleeping with your step-mum as revenge. However, in society there is sometimes scant forgiveness on show and to see Cain forgive his son and work towards a firmer relationship cannot be easily dismissed.

8) New family introduced 

With so many departures from the village in 2019, there are now empty homes and room in the ensemble cast for Emmerdale creatives to introduce a new family into the village. Whilst some have suggested they want to see more ‘legacy’ family members  (Sugdens,Tate’s and Dingles) come into the village, a brand new family with no ties to the village would freshen up the whole series. This would open up new narrative arcs and endless possibilities for many of the existing characters too.

9) Where for art thou Jimmy?

It’s a question some Emmerdale fans have asked themselves, with Jimmy King (Nick Miles) is another of the soap’s characters seemingly only given limited screen time. Included in this is his on-screen spouse Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) both whom don’t seem to be given hard-hitting storylines by producers. When Miles and Wheeler are given gritty storylines, they really do shine and give engaging performances as much as they entertain with comedy. We have seen missed opportunities go by the soap storyline wayside for both. It would be great to see Nicola have a real issue based storyline as part of her job as a local councillor or Jimmy find a new business opportunity, which would provide very relatable and strong arcs for their characters. As with Fiona Wade and even Chris Chittell’s character Eric Pollard, these are performers who once given a huge storyline are more than capable of holding their own. Proving why Emmerdale is far the richer for when they are on screen. More of Jimmy and Nicola please Emmerdale!

10) No more leakdale 

Last and by no means least, is please will some journalists and publications stop leaking storylines and talent departures. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to not be exposed to spoiler leaks on social media. Some Emmerdailians appreciate the series not being spoiled and seeing embargoes being broken is one of the sore points for viewers and frankly it has to stop!

So there you have it those are my 10 things Emmerdale fans should have on their New Year’s wish list. What’s on yours?


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