Emmerdale’s Amy Wyatt Returns!!

Kerry Wyatt’s world is about to get much more interesting as daughter Amy returns to Emmerdale. But how will Amy’s comeback affect the rest of the village? The Emmerdaily contributor @IShipVanity gives her insight into what’s to come.

Emmerdale Opinion: Why Amy Wyatt’s return is set to rock the village!
Amy Wyatt returns to Emmerdale

Amy Wyatt was last seen sobbing her heart out on a ferry bound for distant Irish shores after parting from son Kyle Winchester (Huey Quinn) with the police in hot pursuit, trying to stop her from taking him out the country. Amy (then played by Chelsea Halfpenny) left everything she loved behind including her mother Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) and Val Pollard (Charlie Hardwick), finally at good place with her mother Kerry to boot.

Fast-forward just over five years and Amy is set to return to possibly reclaim her son, who is in the midst of a custody battle between grandma Kerry and father Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) who is under investigation for the murder of Joe Tate (Ned Porteous).

Emmerdale Opinion: Why Amy Wyatt’s return is set to rock the village!
Emmerdale casts Natalie Ann Jamieson as Amy Wyatt

Whilst Chelsea Halfpenny is not reprising her role with newcomer and Newcastle actress Natalie Ann Jamieson taking over the role, Amy’s return comes at a time of heightened conflict within the Dingle clan and the fraught tension in the Spencer household.

The narrative ground work for her return was set when Kyle was under the care of Kerry and so was a natural step towards bringing together her daughter with him. Episodes littered with references to Kerry’s past parental mistakes over Amy added to the groundwork ahead of the announcement of Amy’s return to Emmerdale.

Kerry has become a figure of strength and emboldened to do the right thing whilst still maintaining that happy go lucky personality. She has changed for the better and with Amy’s return to village life can provide the security and stability she needs and was sorely lacking in her childhood. Amy also offering Kerry a real chance to truly get the daughter she loves deeply back in her life, not separated by the Irish Sea. There are still so many questions chief amongst them why is she back? 

Amy’s eagerly anticipated return could mark a significant shift for Cain adding a new dynamic to his decent into familiar isolation, and for Kerry a much needed arc away from the labouring Spencer drama.

Emmerdale Opinion: Why Amy Wyatt’s return is set to rock the village!
Thurs 7 Mar 2019 – 7pm: Jessie Dingle and Kerry Wyatt have a heart to heart as Kerry opens up about Amy.

Whilst Kerry has made the family dynamic with Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) work under trying circumstances, Amy’s return not only gives her a missing piece of the Wyatt family jigsaw back but gives the superb Laura Norton the opportunity to demonstrate the full range of her undoubted talent.

Laura has been consistently at the top of her game since she came into the serial drama, displaying a real emotional connection with dialogue and character, never over playing moments but with a real deftness and finesse. Natalie Ann Jamieson coming into the soap a perfect foil to really get her teeth into the core of the Amy and Kerry dynamic.

The possibilities are endless for the reunion of two very larger than life characters. A good old fashioned soap custody battle is always an engaging watch. However, in this case the stakes could not be higher for Cain and Amy’s wider family. Kyle barely knows Amy, which invariably leads to an interesting narrative whereby what should happen when a young child is reunited with his or her biological parent through a period of extended absence? 

Plus there is Amy’s lovely relationship with Eric Pollard, who acted as Amy’s guardian with his late wife Valerie Pollard. How will their relationship fair, especially without Val to act as referee.

Another interesting facet of her return is how has the absence away from her son and mother affected her? Does Amy even resemble the same character as she hastily left the village back in 2014. It’s inconceivable that she can remain the same after such a devastating exit, with the impact likely to have weighed heavy over the years what toll has it had? 

Emmerdale Opinion: Why Amy Wyatt’s return is set to rock the village!
Thurs 7 Mar 2019 – 7pm: Kerry Wyatt, Jesse Dingle, Marlon Dingle and Paddy Kirk arrive in Belfast.

A trip the other side of the Irish Sea by Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) and Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) to find Paddy’s dad will see Kerry tag along in her quest to find Amy. Frankly their Celtic quest cannot come quick enough to see her return.

Some within the viewership have given rather short thrift of a role recast at odds that Chelsea Halfpenny isn’t reprising the role, an offer Chelsea declined we hasten to add. Natalie Ann Jamieson must be afforded the time to fully get to grips with the role, the tone and characterisation of her character. 

Meanwhile the village will be rocked at her return but only time will tell if she can become the mother to Kyle she once craved. Or if Cain can stop her and potentially Kerry from prising another thing he holds dear away for him, hot on the heals of losing his solid as a rock relationship with his daughter and with it his potential liberty. 

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