Emmerdale: This December! (3 storylines not to miss)

With the Christmas countdown underway, The Emmerdaily contributor @IShipVanity reveals which three dramatic Emmerdale storylines are the ones to watch this festive season.

Emmerdale Opinions: Three Emmerdale storylines to watch this December
Three Emmerdale storylines to watch this December

As Christmas in the village is fast approaching, it seems as if the elves in the creative department are serving up a Christmas dinner of heartache and misery. Here are three Emmerdale storylines that are set to captivate the viewers in the run up to Christmas.

The future of Vanity?

Well it was bound to happen at some point, the great big ‘Vanity’ breakup of 2019 happened and we survived! Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) has always schemed, its part of her nature. However, being with Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) has seen the landlady curb her Machiavellian ways. Or so audiences would have thought as it was revealed that she is part of the casino scam along with Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) and Vinny (Bradley Johnson).

Emmerdale Opinions: Three Emmerdale storylines to watch this December
Mon 11 Nov 2019: When Charity fails to come clean, Vanessa is gutted and ends their relationship, leaving Charity devastated.

After being rumbled to the wider Dingle clan leading to one of their infamous ‘Dingle Courts’, it wasn’t too long before we saw the landlady do everything to keep it from Vanessa. After Vinny learned Charity was lauding a hefty bit of cash to buy a property in the village, he came clean to an angry Vanessa that Charity was part of the scam all along.

This lie proved a step too far for Vanessa, who promptly dumped Charity, much to the surprised excitement of the Vanity fanbase ever keen on Charity and Vanessa angst. Viewers have seen the power-couple go through turbulent times but for Vanessa, it seemed a bridge too far but Charity was unrelenting in her quest to win her back!

Soap couples break up for a myriad of reasons but sometimes in the art of the reconciliation lies the greatest reward for the viewership, through those heartfelt moments provide soaps biggest draw. As Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) pointed out Charity and their family are rubbish without Vanessa cog that holds them together.

Now reconciled, Charity and Vanessa not only have their own issues to work through but will also see their blended family tested as Danny (Louis Healy) is set to lead Sarah astray. Vanity’s parenting skills will be tested further and put under huge stress. How will they cope with Sarah going wayward and down a very troubled path? Will the differences in their parental styles cause more conflict as they try to cope with Danny? After all, he’s already scared of them or wary they are on to him.

Kim and Graham at war?

The drama at Home Farm is equally frenetic as we see battle-lines drawn between Kim Tate (Claire King) and Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough). Millie Tate’s (Willow Bell) paternity is still unclear while Graham’s new relationship with Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) is causing more than a few pangs of jealousy from Kim. This led to a heated exchange between Kim and Graham with home truths being told along the way. Kim’s eye for revenge and payback surfaced as she broke down in floods of tears. It sets up a disquiet Home Farm at Christmas.

Emmerdale Opinions: Three Emmerdale storylines to watch this December
Kim Tate faces off with Graham Foster

For Graham, there’s his burgeoning relationship with Rhona which is clearly breaking down all the walls he has built over the years to protect himself. The vet tore them down and is understanding of his past trauma. But with Andrew reportedly leaving the role in coming months, the relationship is going to be short-lived.

However, it has already given heart-warming moments as we saw Graham communicate in sign language to Leo Goskirk (Harvey Rogerson) revealing that he lost a disabled brother. There has been more meaningful character development in these past few weeks than in years. It’s a great shame and a wasted opportunity to fully see depth from Graham far beyond that flashback episode could.

This is what makes this one of the most ‘must watch’ storylines to come. To see Graham truly open up to the possibility of love, for Kim to enact her revenge in a very Tate fashion and adding to the dynamic perhaps even a paternity twist with Millie down the line, it’s setting up to be a right old soap ding-dong!

Lydia’s lost family

Then there is the drama unfolding for Lydia Hart aka Jenny Finn (Karen Blick) as viewers found out her tragic past. Her sunny outward disposition has been hiding so much pain over losing her children through miscarriages. Always seeking for answers and closure, it looked as if she would get them until she was told by her sister Beth (Janette Percival) her mum Agatha (Judith Barker) had passed away. Lydia gave up on ever finding closure and rode off into the distance but not before we saw Agatha very much alive and kicking appearing in the episode’s final moments.

Last week saw Mandy Dingle. with a shred of remorse for her part in recent events, go to see Agatha to explain all. Seeing her mother for the first time in years challenged Lydia to her core. Blick’s character has been criminally underused in the past despite the character being well received. Seeing Lydia struggle to find the truth and closure is something every single viewer can relate to. That’s what makes it a must watch.

Emmerdale Opinions: Three Emmerdale storylines to watch this December
Wed 13 Nov 2019: Will Mandy help Lydia or is she scheming again?

To see someone fight tooth and nail for closure is a powerful narrative and in the hands of Blick, who has provided a multi-layered performance with real grit and warmth, adds to the narrative. With a possible health driven storyline on the horizon as the cleaner learns there is a potential for her to have Huntington’s disease, it seems that box she’s kept the painful memories in for all these years could be too hard to close as her world crumbles.

Lydia may not be a main player on paper in the village but like Vanessa, she holds people together when it seems as if they are coming apart from the seams. It is great to see a character fully open up to reconciling the past while looking forward to a potential brighter future in the village. Discount the casino scam that brought it into focus Lydia’s drama, it’s worth investing your time and emotional energy over.

Soaps sometimes give viewers lessons in life and Lydia’s journey offers them in adundance. In Lydia’s case, it’s the perseverance of getting to the truth and forgiveness. Lydia will not rest until she gets the truth that goes to the core of her character. Seeing Lydia finally have her mother back in her life again even though it will not be plain sailing adds layers on the character.

Not only that but Blick’s understated performances in the storyline have already been rewarding. Seeing Lydia grapple with her past gives more scope in terms of driving the storyline on a few gears but Blick more time to show her excellent range.

The storylines offer the viewer something very real and also hits home with us all. Searching for the truth is heart-breaking and we all need closure of things that cause deep rooted trauma. That is what makes these arc’s so important to get invested in, they are very much relatable and grounded in reality!


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