After leaving Emmerdale to look after her sick mother, Liv Flaherty is back in the village this week and is in for a shock as she doesn’t know her big brother Aaron Dingle has split from his husband Robert Sugden – or that Robert is going to be a father! Gutted Liv is not taking the news lying down and plots to get them back together.

Liv's return she has a go at Aaron for not telling her he’s no longer with Robert.
Thurs 14th Sept 2017 – 8pm: Aaron Dingle berates Liv for travelling alone without telling anyone but she has a go at him for not telling her he’s no longer with Robert.

It’s Aaron (Danny Miller) that is unhappy when his little sister Liv (Isobel Steele) makes an unexpected return to Emmerdale from Ireland when she has been with Aaron’s mom Chas (Lucy Pargeter), caring for her own mother Sandra after she was in a car crash.  Having made the journey back to the Dales alone, Aaron is fuming – but not as mad as Liv is after she finds out he and Robert (Ryan Hawley) have split up!

“When Liv went away, Aaron and Robert were closer than ever,” explains Emmerdale.  “Liv wasn’t keen on Robert at first, but came to believe that he was the best man for her big brother to be with.  So she’s outraged to realise that Aaron hasn’t even bothered to tell her that they’ve called it quits.”

While Aaron is furious that Liv didn’t tell anybody she was leaving Ireland, he finds the tables turned when she gives him a telling off of his own.  Liv thought Aaron and Robert were solid, and doesn’t understand why he and Robert have called it quits so easily, that is until she finds out Rebecca White (Emily Head) is pregnant with Robert’s child…

“It’s the last thing Liv expects to hear – and no wonder! Emmerdale tells us. “The speed with which everything has changed for Robert and Aaron is a shocker. But Liv can see no reason why Robert and Aaron shouldn’t fight for their love.”

If it was down to Robert, he and Aaron would still be an item – but Aaron is adamant that he can’t handle the idea of Robert and Rebecca having a baby together.  As Liv strolls back in, Aaron is enjoying a lads night in with best mate Adam – but his sister is soon set on swapping Adam with Robert, and wastes no time in getting her mission under way!

“We already know how stubborn Liv can be – so she’ll stop at nothing to get Aaron and Robert reunited,” insists our sneak.  “Of course, Aaron isn’t the only one who gets a hard time from the youngster – Robert is in for a rocket too once she realises that he’s a daddy-to-be.  But it’s clear that neither he nor Aaron will have any respite from Liv’s nagging until she gets her way on this…”

As Liv makes herself at home in the village again, can she persuade her big brother to give his rocky romance with Robert one last shot?

Source: Inside Soap


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