Let’s face it – there’s not many weeks ‘Robron’ aren’t on the rocks as Emmerdale seem hell bent on putting the fan favourites Aaron Dingle and Robert Sudgen through the ringer. But next week it seems a month’s worth of drama hits all at once – it’s even got actor Danny Miller calling time on the pair.

Wed 12th July 2017: How will Robert Sugden react to learn that Aaron Dingle is self harming again?

It feels like everytime Aaron and Robert are on screen, its to face another relationship crisis. Then they disappear for weeks (unless they are required to appear in a scene with Rebecca White). Yet though their scenes have been few and far between since Aaron, played by Danny Miller, found out about his husband Robert, played by Ryan Hawley, having a one night stand with his ex Rebecca, played by Emily Head, you can see trouble brewing as they again struggle to communicate with each other.

In preparation for another ‘Robron’ week, Danny Miller has revealed what fans can expect as Robert ‘suddenly’ has a briefcase of cash that he uses to prove his love (those investments that were mentioned on screen but have since been forgotten about must have paid out) but it doesn’t get the reaction he hopes, and instead sets off a violent chain of events.

How Aaron is coping with the fact Robert will be a dad?
I think its mixed feelings, and he’s feeling confused, because Robert is very much saying he doesn’t want to be a part of the baby’s life he wants to focus on his relationship with Aaron and work through stuff without Rebecca and the baby.

Does Aaron think Robert is being truthful?
Yes, he thinks Robert is being straight up and honest with him and Robert thinks Aaron is a bit board with it all. Aaron is very loyal and honest and he just wants the same in return, but he also fears that maybe Robert is not being totally upfront with him and that’s the hardest thing for Aaron.

Has Aaron forgiven him for cheating with Rebecca though?
He’s trying. It’s not that easy to forgive him, he made a mistake, so he’s not ramming it down his throat but there are sore points that Aaron brings up to Robert about his cheating. He was laughing about cheating with Adam a few weeks ago, so Aaron won’t forget that.

What happens with the briefcase full of money and the fire?
Robert brings it in, he wants to say “I’ve got all this money” but Aaron can’t forget all the other things he’s lied about, he never told him about Lawrence and the investment, and then they were running around after Ross and Finn getting themselves in trouble with cannabis and they were doing it because they thought Robert was skint; and also that Sarah needed money for treatment some time ago.

Robert had all this money sitting around and never said anything so the briefcase of money is to say to Aaron “I’ve got this, we can do what we want with it” and Aaron is very flippant with it. Money never bothered him and he says it, as a joke, throw it in the fire – thinking that Robert would say no. But Robert sees it as an opportunity to prove the love he still has for Aaron and he throws it in! They both dive to save the cash and there is a warmth between them.

Tues 11th July 2017 – HOUR LONG EPISODE: Aaron Dingle tells Robert Sugden to give Rebecca White a lift to her baby scan.

What happens when they find Rebecca by the side of the road?
Aaron says to Robert “no more lying, it’s just me and you now nobody else” He’s saying nobody else, but then they drive past Rebecca who’s broken down in her car, and to prove to Aaron he keeps driving past her but Aaron makes Robert stop. Aaron is a mechanic by trade and he gets out and tries to fix the car for her so in the end Aaron suggests Robert takes her to the hospital for the scan. Aaron walks back to the village and he’s just had enough, this is just another way of how it’s always going to interrupt his life so he bites his lip and walks away…

Why does Aaron turn to drugs again?
Aaron has got underlying problems and he’s trying to find a way of dealing with it. He’s remembered that the last time he managed to block things out, he was on the Spice, so he thinks the easiest way is to get the drugs again.

Aaron thinks that’ll make it all a bit more easy for him, so that’s why he calls Ethan, but the twist is that he brings Jason with him. Jason turns up because he sees an opportunity to further his intimidation and solidify the ‘bossman’ status he has over Aaron.

Tues 11th July 2017 – HOUR LONG EPISODE: Desperate for spice, Aaron Dingle calls Ethan but gets more than he bargains for when Jason arrives too.

How does Aaron react?
It’s horrifying for Aaron when Jason walks into his house uninvited. You just don’t know what he’s going to do. Jason is thinking’I’m going to batter him and I’m going to trash this house.’

What makes Aaron self-harm again?
Aaron sits there with the Spice and Robert almost catches him with it. He thinks about smoking it, but then everything dawns on him.

He thinks about the fact that Ethan and Jason have both been in his house and if he goes down that road, he’s living that criminal life again like they both are. That’s the person Aaron doesn’t want to be, so he bins the drugs and decides to go back to self-harming.

Aaron thinks that’s a better way of dealing with it, because it’s a more secretive method of keeping his self-loathing from people. People won’t see him in a drugged-up manner and they won’t clock onto it. It’s very sad that this is Aaron’s way of dealing with things.

It does sound like Aaron is going down a dangerous path?
Unfortunately for a lot of people who turn to self-harm it’s not that easy to switch it off; punching a wall is self-harm for instance, turning angst and anger towards yourself. People struggle with it and they can’t mentally change things around in their head as its always something that will be there. Particularly with Aaron it’s a difficult one for him, he wants to remain out of prison for Liv more than anything, and he’s got his mind on looking after No. 1 and he thinks turning on himself is better than smoking drugs.

Would Aaron want a child of his own?
I think Aaron would be a great dad, he’s fantastic with Liv and he knows kids can be trouble and he’d be good at guiding them in the right direction. But no, I don’t think he would be for Rebecca and Robert’s baby. I think it would have been nice if we’d adopted or gone through surrogacy, but I can never see Aaron taking a part in that kid’s life unfortunately.

There’s too much hurt and I don’t think you’d want to, would you? I know there’s a lot of stronger people out there who could, but I think Aaron’s too weak-minded to overcome that.”

What advice would you give Aaron?
I think as much as Robert and Aaron are really good together they are also really bad for each other in some senses. If it wasn’t Rebecca, if it was a one-night stand with someone else, then maybe it would have been easier. But it’s the fact that it’s Rebecca. It’s her that Robert chose to confide in and have sex with, so now there’s always going to be that constant reminder.

For me, if it was Danny giving Aaron advice, I would say ‘time’s time’ and he needs to walk away from the relationship – even though I know it’s not what the fans will want to hear. There’s so much to talk about and overcome. In this week of episodes in particular, it’s a question of whether it’s all going to work out, or if it’s going to be the end of Robron. Let’s just say it’s a difficult week for them.

And it seems that Danny may be trying to calm the waters as Robron fans reeled for the latest spoilers. He took to his Twitter account to clarify his comments and also hinted that the split we’ve all been waiting for is about to happen.

He said: “If Aaron was my mate, I’d advise him to walk away than risk his mental health declining. Believe me, I’m just as gutted for Robron. But there is still a lot to the arc. Just enjoy the ride and know that they’ll always love each other. And time/a break is a great healer.”

So expect tears, pillow hugging, longing looks and excessive chocolate eating until Robron reunite…and that’s just us!



  1. I think most of us fans want Robert and Aaron to get back together but I do have reservations that they are the Richard Burton Liz Taylor of Emmerdale! Most of all we all want Moira and Cain reunited and some ice safe man for Harriet!


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