Emmerdale rapist Pierce Harris makes a return to our screens tonight as his wife and victim Rhona Goskirk visits him in prison in order to try and come to terms with what he did and get closure so she can move on with her life. But will Pierce finally show remorse for what he did to her and give Rhona the answers she needs?

EMMERDALE SPOILER: Rhona visit Rapist Pierce Harris
Tues 22nd Aug 2017: Will Rhona Goskirk’s visit to Pierce Harris help and will it give her closure?

Despite admitting the attack before his appearance on the witness stand, Pierce, brilliantly played by Jonathan Wrather,  stuck to his lies in court and was found guilty by the jury, and was sentenced to prison. Since the trial, Rhona (Zoe Henry) has tried to move on but is struggling to put what happened and how it has impacted her life behind her.

Rhona can’t get Pierce out of her head, despite the efforts of her friends, turning to alcohol to help block out the pain. But even that doesn’t stop her mind playing tricks on her, with her even imagining him lying in bed beside her one morning which leaves her shaken to the core.

Trying to regain power over her own mind and life, Rhona bravely heads to the prison to comes face to face with her attacker in a bid to move on from her horrific ordeal. Will the meeting help Rhona come to terms with what has happened?

Meanwhile, there’s the aftermath of Rhona kiss with ex-husband Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) to deal with. Is this the start of a reunion between the former couple or is it all too soon for Rhona to deal with. Paddy has made no secret that he bitterly regrets his affair, which is essentially what brought Pierce into their lives.

Will she and Paddy reunite? Is Rhona ready to give things another go or is it way too soon.

Watch Emmerdale on Tuesday 22nd August at 7pm to find out.

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