Emma Barton has always been slightly unhinged when it comes to her family – trying to suffocate her son Ross when he was a baby, interfering in her sons’ lives, and finally holding ex-husband James (Bill Ward) captive before pushing him to his death. Next week, Emma finally reaches breaking point as her story comes to a dramatic conclusion – but will she claim another victim as she goes?

Will Emmerdale's Emma Barton claim another victim
Will Emmerdale’s Emma Barton claim another victim

The truth will out! No truer words have been spoken when it comes to Emma Barton and next week’s Emmerdale which promises to be a blast. Emmerdale actress Gillian Kearney tells Soaplife what’s next for killer Emma Barton as her crimes are revealed in true dramatic fashion with a fight, a fire and a shock death…

“She is in a panic,” Gillian explains. “She can’t let the boys know what she did. They will stop loving her and that is her greatest fear.”

What can you tell us about her state of mind?
“Firstly, she is heartbroken about the fact that Gabby (Rosie Bentham) is playing with her. She wanted to think that James was looking out for her from beyond the grave. That was a comfort. She is disappointed that she just can’t move on from what happened.”

How does he secret come out?
“Finn (Joey Gill) walks into the church as Gabby is playing the footage of the tape showing Emma trying to manipulate Ashley. He threatens to tell the boys and she can’t have that. She loved James, but she loves the boys even more and can’t contemplate giving up. She has to keep the truth at bay.”

Will Emmerdale's Emma Barton claim another victim
Mon 2nd Oct 2017: A fight with a pitchfork knocks out a light and soon Moira and Emma are in the barn as it goes up in flames. Will Emma come to the rescue of her nemesis? Or will she leave Moira to die?

Why does she confront Moira?
“She has to accept that it is over when Finn says ‘If you don’t tell Pete and Ross, I will.’ She goes to Moira (Natalie J Robb) to make her answer for what she has done. She blames Moira for everything. She is the reason Emma lost her temper and pushed him off that bridge. If Moira had walked away from James, she wouldn’t have this massive black hole in her life.”

What happens between the two women?
“Moira can see Emma is a bit unhinged. It all kicks off. They always wind each other up. There is a tussle with a pitchfork, it hits a lamp and the barn goes up in flames.”

Is it a big fire?
“Yes, it is. It was incredible to film, as we had to stand in amongst the flames. There is an explosion in the background and we had to dive to the ground. I had fireproof clothes on and special gel in my hair. There was a real adrenalin rush and my heart was racing.”

Is it game over for Emma?
“It gets very dramatic and you do wonder if any person can come through this without cracking or worse.”

Do you think viewers want Emma to get her comeuppance?
“I think so. I was on holiday in Spain and somebody came up and said ‘I can’t believe you got away with it.” I replied ‘James slipped from that bridge!’”

What else can you tell us about this big week?
“Brace yourselves. There are some surprises in store that you won’t expect.”

While Moira’s fate inside the burning barn remains to be seen, Emma manages to escape. Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) and Adam Barton (Adam Thomas) have seen the fire and run to help.

When Adam realises Emma’s gone, he makes after her with a loaded gun, ready to make her pay. As the chase gets more intense, Adam loses possession of the gun and it ends up in Emma’s hands. She fires the gun into the darkness, but who has she hit?

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