Anyone can see that Adam Barton and his estranged wife Victoria still love each other despite both of them saying they are trying to move on – yet doing nothing of the sort.  Having been hit with the news of Adam’s fertility problems, and his subsequent drunken snog with Vanessa – cheating on Vic for a second time, it seemed there was no coming back –  but Adam Thomas who plays the Barton brother would love for them to build more bridges…

Adam only has eyes for Victoria
Tues 19th Sept 2017: As Victoria Barton drives Adam to hospital, she admits she still cares for him which gives Adam some hope. When he realises she has missed a festival in order to look after him, the two share a kiss.

“I certainly would like to see it, but I don’t know about Izzy (Hodgins, aka Victoria)!” says Adam.  “I want Adam and Vic to get back together because they’ve been through a lot, and I think they’re just made for each other.  Isabel is brilliant to work with – we share great chemistry and always have a laugh.  Fingers crossed that they can save the relationship!”

This week, stubborn Adam is scared to seek medical advice over his worrying eye problems so Victoria insists he sees a doctor and takes him to the hospital.  They may be on friendly terms, but Adam can’t help but wonder if Vic wants more, after he finds out she turned down a job to look after him.

Adam only has eyes for Victoria
Tues 19th Sept 2017: Adam Barton is struggling with his eyesight and Finn encourages him to get an appointment to get them looked at. And Victoria Barton also insists a reluctant Adam sees the doctor.

“The fact that she put work on hold for him shows there’s still a little flame, I think,” explains Adam.  “It’s like old times, and Adam seems to think there’s light at the end of the tunnel.  He could be getting his wires crossed!  He’s never stopped loving Victoria, but she can’t get over what he did to her – and I don’t blame her.”

Romance isn’t completely out of the question, because to Adam’s delight, he and Victoria end up sharing a kiss!  And while Victoria’s pal Finn is over the moon to hear that her marriage may be back on track, Diane’s views leave her conflicted.

Adam Thomas marries Caroline Daly
Adam Thomas marries Caroline Daly

In real life, Adam recently married Caroline Daly after being together nine-years – so the actor has some sound advice for his on screen alter ego.  “I’d advise him to take a step back and not push things too much,” he adds.  “Adam broke this woman’s heart, so he needs to give her as much time as she needs.  Just let it happen, because hopefully she loves him too.  But if she doesn’t want to get back with him, it’s his fault at the end of the day.”

While Adam was left to lick his wounds after Victoria walked out, he’s learned from the experience and is now doing everything he can to help his best mate Aaron get over the breakdown of his own relationship with Robert.

“Adam has been having a bit of boy time with Aaron, which I think they both need at the minute,” reckons the actor.  “it’s nice to know they’ve got each other.  It’s been great for me because I love working with Danny Miller (Aaron), and I’ve missed doing these sort of scenes.  We’re good mates in real life too.  We play FIFA together at work and then at night when we get home!”

“I’d love to see Danny do I’m a Celebrity…,” adds Adam, who came third in last year’s series.  “Not many people get to see the Danny we do.  He’s a real force of nature and so funny.  Danny is the full package – and he’s scared of insects, too, so it’d be hilarious to see how he’d deal with the jungle!”

Adam, who has announced he’s leaving Emmerdale next year, also revealed that he’s been busy with big storylines that will start to play out in the coming weeks…

“I’m part of some great plots coming up, and will get to work with some top actors – Gill (Kearnery, aka Emma Barton), Natalie (Moira Barton) and Jeff (Hordley, aka Cain Dingle),” he enthuses.  “I can’t wait wait for everyone to see the results!”

Source: Inside Soap


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