Emmerdale’s Kerry Wyatt had a blast from the past this week when she saw her partner Dan Spencer’s estranged brother Daz living on the streets. Worried for his well being, Kerry admitted her sighting to Dan but got short shrift, given all the trouble Daz caused when he was in the Dales back in 2014.

Mark Jordan returns to Emmerdale as Daz Spencer

Kerry (Laura Norton) spotted Daz (Mark Jordan) while out shopping, looking very dishevelled and begging for money from passers-by. Kerry confides in Bernice Thomas (Samantha Giles) who encourages her to tell Dan (Liam Fox) but Kerry is staggered by his reaction when she does tell him.

Bernice and Kerry decide to track Daz down in town and Kerry has a strong reaction to the plight of the homeless people she meets. Dan is upset that she’s gone to look for Daz and they argue – but he is stunned when she reveals she used to be homeless herself.

Daz was first introduced to Emmerdale in July 2014, instantly making friends with many of the villagers – including Kerry. However, as predicted by Dan, Daz soon showed his true colours by arranging a burglary at David Metcalfe’s shop that made him look like a hero.

Daz Spencer makes a move on Dan’s girlfriend Kerry in Emmerdale

His meddling didn’t stop there, as he also made a move on Kerry just as she was about to marry Dan, nearly causing the ceremony to be called off.

No wonder Dan isn’t keen to welcome his brother back into the fold.

Next week, Kerry sees Daz come to the village on Harriet Finch’s Bible bus, so she makes a beeline for him and arranges for him to stay at Bernice’s salon until he’s back on his feet. But how will Kerry’s partner Dan react when he finds out that she’s helping his wayward brother, especially in light of their awkward history?

Mark Jordon, who plays down on his luck Daz Spencer, told the UK media he is overjoyed to be back in Emmerdale at a recent press event.

“I had a wonderful time when I was here before,” Mark explains. “Coming into the building was incredible. I’d already had 17 years working with a lot of the faces at Heartbeat, and the welcome from the cast was just fantastic.

“I loved the character of Daz and I loved being part of the Spencers and the Wyatts. It was without a doubt one of my favourite jobs ever, so to get invited back I was screaming ‘yes yes yes’!

“There’d been conversations, a few clues and offers of the possibility in the run-up to this, so I’ve spent many months with my fingers crossed saying ‘please God let this happen’, and it did.”

Things aren’t going well for Daz right now, are they?
“No, in the three years since he last appeared in the show, Daz has used the pool of all his friendships and finances. He’s in a really bad place. There’s a major change to the Daz we last saw then, to the one we’ll see now.

“Daz is sleeping rough, he’s lost everything and he has literally hit the bottom of the barrel. He’s in dire straits and has had a lot to think about since he was last in the village.”

Thurs 31st Aug 2017 – 8pm: Kerry sees Daz Spencer and takes him in and convinces him to have a haircut, a bite to eat, and to stay over at the salon.

Daz doesn’t want Dan to know about his problems initially, does he?
“Well, being on the streets has opened up a lot of thought for Daz. He has made a plan and he’d like to rectify the problems he’s caused in the past. He wants to change a lot about his life.

“It’s fair to say that Daz would rather be in a better position when he tries to resolve things with his brother. He’s quite nervous and embarrassed about his situation and how he got there. He wants to better himself.”

What kind of dynamic can we expect between Daz and Dan this time?
“Last time, Daz was the one in control with the masterplan. He realised how he could use his brother and the rest of the village, but he’s not in that position at all now. He’s having to gain his strength and become trusted by the family and the villagers again. He’s also got a lot to learn and a lot to improve on in his own life, because he’s in a poor situation.

“Last time, Daz was scamming people by having shops robbed, which had been part of a negative direction he’d gone in. After he was sent away, he was left out of pocket and out on a limb, and it’s snowballed from there. Daz has got himself in worse situations and used up some bad friendships and got deeper and deeper.

“It’s really interesting for me to come back as the polar opposite of what I came in as last time. That’s wonderful, because whatever the ripples are this time in the household of Dale Head, it’s a lot different.”

Fri 1st Sept 2017: How will Dan Spencer react should he find out his brother is back and Kerry has been helping him?

Daz betrayed Dan by making a move on Kerry last time. Would he do it again?
“There’s nothing like that in the foreseeable. He’s dipping his toe into the village to try and be better and rectify all wrongs. Being out in the wilderness, he has had plenty of time to contemplate which paths he went down and which he should have taken.

“He really would like to think – because there is a limited amount of family left – that he could get some sort of connection back. So he has come back in with a different mindset.”

How will Dan feel when he finds out about Kerry helping Daz?
“Dan is always going to mistrust that connection and Daz is aware of that. I think Dan would instantly feel that there’s a fondness between Daz and Kerry that he wouldn’t be comfortable with, because of what happened last time.
“Dan would feel it would be dangerous ground to have Kerry and Daz in close contact with each other.”

Can Daz and Dan ever make amends?
“There’s definite cause for redemption, because the journey that Daz has taken has left him wanting to rectify many of the problems from his past. The main priority is to reconnect with Dan.

“One of the incentives to get off the streets and have a fresh start is to prove to Dan that they can have a relationship. Daz is driven by this need to prove to Dan that he’s going to be a better man.”

We also learn that Kerry is so keen to help Daz because she was once homeless herself…
“That’s right, but Daz isn’t aware of what Kerry’s cause is. He doesn’t know what’s causing her to be so caring. It makes him feel humiliated and embarrassed that Kerry is helping him, although he’s also very grateful. But he has no idea what her motives are.”

Is it nice to work with Laura again?
“Oh God yeah! When I first came into Emmerdale three years ago, I got along really well with Laura, Liam Fox (Dan) and Luke Roskell (Sean). The three of us have been conversing and meeting up for the past three years. We’re a great group of friends.

“Working with Laura is great because she’s my best mate, and more to the point, she’s my girlfriend! It’s a real privilege. I feel pretty lucky.”


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