Ever since he showed up in Emmerdale with his chiseled jaw and trusty sidekick Graham, everyone has been asking who is Tom Waterhouse? Let’s face it rich good-looking young men don’t go looking for their next big deal or the love of their lives in a remote Yorkshire village unless they already know what or who they are looking for… so what brings Tom to the Dales?

Emmerdale's Tom Waterhouse
Emmerdale’s Tom Waterhouse

Tonight, we finally got wind that Tom Waterhouse, played by Ned Porteous, has got a plan up his sleeve that doesn’t sound like it involves a happy ending for his new girlfriend Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb), who he has pursued to a point of being creepy.

He’s bought Debbie a house, furniture, designer gear and loved-up Debbie has now introduced him to her kids. However, Debbie is distraught when daughter Sarah is involved in a quad biking accident which leaves her unconscious. But was it an accident or part of his plan.

“Debbie has fallen for Tom,” actress Charley Webb tells Inside Soap. “He’s swept her off her feet and takes her out of her real world. But she does have a few concerns as he is evasive about certain things.”

Next week, Debbie takes a leap of faith and invites Tom to meet the rest of the Dingle clan at the switching on of the Emmerdale Christmas Lights. Even though he initially declines, he soon changes his mind which means he’s about to meet Debbie’s parents Charity and Cain.

“Her mum can be a bit heavy-handed and wade into situations,” adds Charley. “So, Debbie is very clear with Charity about how she’d like her to behave. She’ll be wary of Charity being around Tom. Also, the Dingles are a force to be reckoned with! But she’s excited, and the fact Sarah likes Tom is really important to Debbie.”

However, its not long before Charity has some news about Tom for Debbie that could send cupid’s arrow flying in another direction.

“As soon as her mum tells her what its about, Debbie tries to be defensive – but that drops quite quickly, and she goes straight round to see Tom,” Charley explains. “I would warn Debbie to go carefully. I think someone looking in would realise that him buying her all those things and paying all that money doesn’t add up.”

Shame Debbie isn’t as savvy as the Emmerdale fans then as from the minute Tom appeared all ‘Fifty Dales of Grey’, they have had their theories and from the little hints Tom has given on screen, we think they are on to something.

So who is he?

Thomas King

Emmerdale's Thomas King
Emmerdale’s Thomas King

A popular fan theory is that Tom is actually the son of the late (great) Carl King and his first wife Colleen. Thomas lived with his mother so wasn’t a permanent fixture in the village but they did come to stay for Carl’s wedding to Chas Dingle, which never happened as she jilted him at the alter for having an affair with Eve Jenson.

When Carl was killed, with Chas accused of his murder, Thomas returned and is told by Cain Dingle that Chas killed Carl because he tried to rape her. This sends him spiralling out of control and back to Saudi Arabia to his mum. However, a few months later, Thomas is revealed to have been stalking Chas, who was found innocent of killing Carl. After a brief fling with Belle Dingle, he left again and hasn’t returned since April 2013.

A relative of Cameron Murray

Cameron takes Debbie hostage

Let’s face it, when it comes to men Debbie hasn’t had much luck. At one point she was convinced Cameron Murray was the love of her life – including when he had an affair with her Auntie Chas. It wasn’t until he was outed for being a serial killer that she finally realised he was a wrong ‘un.

Cameron took Debbie and Chas hostage in the iconic Woolpack Siege and found himself in deep water as the two women tried to escape. Cameron was electrocuted in the cellar, leaving his two sons without a dad. Now Tom isn’t one of Cameron’s kids but how about a younger brother or even just a crazed fan of his work?


Joseph Tate

Joseph Tate with his parents Chris and Rachel

The theory we are backing is that Tom is actually Joseph Tate, the orphaned son of Chris Tate and Rachel Hughes. Six months after Joseph’s birth, Chris and Rachel got married however, they split up within the year. Rachel was murdered by teacher Graham Clark a month before Joseph turned four, so Joseph went to live with Chris.

In 2001, Chris married Charity Dingle and Joseph choose to go to boarding school. On 17th September 2003, Chris committed suicide, framing Charity for his murder, and leaving Joseph an orphan. Chris’ sister Zoe took custody of Joseph and in 2005 they emigrated to New Zealand with Zoe’s daughter Jean. He’s not been mentioned since but he does have a grievance against Charity given her history with his late father.

James Tate

Emmerdale’s Kim Tate and Dave Glover

The son of Kim Tate, James’ father was a huge mystery at the time between Kim’s husband Frank Tate and her lover Dave Glover. Dave died saving James from a fire before the paternity tests showed Frank was the father. Kim expressed doubts about the tests, thinking Frank’s money meant he could have paid for the test results to be altered; however, after Frank died in 1997, Dave’s father Ned agreed to a second DNA test, which proved James was Frank’s son.

The following year Kim married Steve Marchant. They were involved in a hit and run accident while stealing a horse, and Kim put all the blame on Steve. In January 1999, she escaped with James in a helicopter to avoid being arrested. What has this got to do with Debbie Dingle? Absolutely nothing but what a way to bring back soap superbitch Kim Tate!


Declan Macey

Emmerdale's Declan Macey tries to kill wife Charity
Emmerdale’s Declan Macey tries to kill wife Charity

Yes we know. But given how Emmerdale is ‘pushing boundaries’ with storylines just lately is it really out of the question? Granted it would take some pretty extreme plastic surgery to turn Declan Macey into Tom but if anyone has an axe to grind with the Dingles it is Declan.

Given how long he’s been on the run and how much he is bound to miss his only surviving relative Megan, surely he’d like to return to Emmerdale for a catch up with his nearest and dearest.


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