Emmerdale Rape Storyline!

According to The Sun newspaper, Emmerdale’s Victoria Barton, played by Isabel Hodgins, is to be shockingly raped on a ‘big night out’ with fellow villagers.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Victoria Barton raped in Emmerdale's Big Night Out
Emmerdale’s Victoria Barton played by Isabel Hodgins

In another of Emmerdale’s special ‘flashback’ specials, viewers will see Victoria Barton brutally attacked after heading to town for a village night out. The evening takes a dark turn, as it also sees paedophile Maya Stepney finally exposed and another character shockingly stabbed.

The Sun revealed: “They’ve got a gritty storyline around a big night out where loads of the ladies go clubbing. Paedo Maya will finally be outed. But the bombshell is Victoria will get raped in a horror twist that will send her down a dark path.

“The night also sees a stabbing. There will be blood and violence to grip the Dales as they go dark to compete with their soap rivals.”

Among others on the night out will be Maya’s partner and Jacob’s step-dad David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) and Ellis Chapman (Asan N’Jie), Victoria’s love interest.

As the spoiler spread across social media, fans were shocked to hear that another character was going to be the victim of a sexual assault, which seems to be becoming a regular occurrence on Emmerdale.

Since 2015, each year sees another character either be sexually assaulted or admit to being the victim of a historical sexual assault.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Victoria Barton raped in Emmerdale's Big Night Out
How would Emmerdale’s Victoria handle becoming pregnant by her rapist

And in true soap style, could this horrific attack result in the baby that Victoria has always wanted?

Victoria and husband Adam Barton, played by Adam Thomas, were devastated to learn Adam was infertile, which eventually caused them to split before Adam went on the run.

Since then, Victoria became somewhat obsessed with Rebecca White’s baby – her nephew Seb – and more recently had a pregnancy scare with on-off boyfriend Ellis Grant.

Could producers be lining up the most vile dilemma for Victoria? How much would she still want a baby if it was conceived in devastating circumstances?

Speaking of the reasons behind the plot, The Sun reporter added: “With Kate Oates now at EastEnders, Emmerdale producers are worried that she’s going to take over the soap crown.”

When interviewed about the new flashback specials due to air later this month, current co-producer Kate Brooks previously told The Irish Sun: “We’ve got some really brilliant stuff coming up in April, May time. A big night out, which we will tell in a very interesting, fresh way. That’s really good.

“It’s a night out for some of our characters, and we’ll find out a week later what’s gone on in that night out in a series of flashbacks.

“Ostensibly it’s, ‘Hey, Emmerdale are out having fun in a club’, but then it will be revealed that it will change some of our characters’ lives for good. There’s a lot of drama involved in that night, and because we’re Emmerdale, we’re telling it in a kind of different way.”

Further official spoilers are released on Tuesday 16th April so check back for more information as it is revealed.

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