We thought Jamie Tate was too good to be true – he is a Tate after all! But next week, the big secret he’s been hiding is out and no one in Emmerdale is more shocked than his mother Kim Tate!

Mon 3 June 2019: When Kim Tate’s out riding her horse on a country road, a car speeds past and causes the horse to bolt.

Avoiding phone calls, secret messages… it was obvious Jamie Tate, played by Alexander Lincoln, was hiding something. But what Kim Tate (Claire King) didn’t expect was for it to be a wife and child!

The secret is outed when Kim is out riding her horse on a country road and a car speeds past, causing the horse to bolt. Kim spots the driver of the car and let’s rip at her in true soap bitch style.

However, Kim is shocked to learn that the driver is none other than her son Jamie Tate’s secret wife, Andrea, played by Anna Nightingale, and in the back of the car is her young daughter, Millie – Kim’s granddaughter – making her ‘Granny Kim’!

Mon 3 June 2019: Jamie Tate is reunited with his secret wife, Andrea Tate and their young daughter, Millie Tate.

But it’s not only Kim that’s unhappy with Jamie keeping secrets as he also hasn’t told his wife that he’s now moved into Home Farm with Kim, leaving Andrea annoyed that Kim has seemingly got her claws into her husband.

Caught in the middle, Jamie is relieved and hopeful when Andrea agrees to stay the night in the village. The next day, he attempts to find her a job to entice her to stay long term.

Not one to relinquish control easily, Kim is determined not to lose Jamie to Andrea. But will these two strong women ever get along and can we expect some fireworks up at Home Farm – we would say it is highly likely!

Actor Alexander Lincoln, who plays Jamie Tate, explains: “I think Jamie has been fairly open with Andrea, telling her what his mum has done and who she is. He has tried to paint a picture of Kim to Andrea.

“You’ll see that Andrea is less innocent than Jamie is. Jamie doesn’t assume the worst of people – apart from his mum! Andrea is a bit more hard, so that makes it quite interesting when her and Kim meet. Andrea is not going to take any nonsense from Kim and there’ll be a dramatic relationship there.

“She’s not manipulative like Kim is, but there’s a definite feistiness. Andrea cares for Jamie and she knows about things that have happened with Kim in the past.

“Andrea wants to protect Jamie – and oddly enough, that’s what Kim is trying to do as well. You’ve got two women who want to do what’s best for Jamie, and he’s caught in the middle of this swirl of emotions.

“Kim has also got the idea of Jamie being her little boy. She didn’t expect him to have a family at all. In her mind, she thinks it’s all very quick and she doesn’t really like the person that Andrea is anyway. She thinks Jamie can do better.”

The sudden appearance of his wife wife also rules out the fan theory that Jamie Tate was all set to be a new love interest for Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper), especially given how they struck up an immediate friendship. And given this is soap, they still might but something tells us that Andrea Tate is not a woman to mess with.

Andrea is played by Anna Nightingale whose previous TV roles include BBC courtroom drama Silk, Age of the Living Dead and My Mad Fat Diary as well as appearing in the Doctors as Sigourney Newton. She is joined by youngster Willow Bell who plays Millie.

See her arrival on Monday 3 June in Emmerdale on ITV.

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