Actress Claire King has confirmed that after causing a week of mayhem, Kim Tate will be back to stay in Emmerdale in 2019.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Claire King confirms Kim Tate's return in 2019
Claire King confirms 2019 return for Kim Tate

Actress Claire King has revealed that after returning to our screens this week in Emmerdale, Britain’s biggest soap bitch will be back in 2019 as Kim Tate makes a permanent return to the Dales where she belongs.

It was always going to take a lot more than a shove off a balcony onto the Champagne fountain at Home Farm to put a final end to Kim Tate! And she won’t have a shortage of enemies to spar with.

Emmerdale’s biggest bad girl will return early next year and this time Kim’s back to stay! Having left chaos in her wake, Kim will spend the six months behind bars after breaking the conditions of her parole. We doubt anyone will be throwing her a welcome home party on her release though given what she’s put them through.

“You knew she wasn’t going to go away quietly,” says Claire King. “So I’m so pleased to announce Kim will be back. Its been great fun keeping it under wraps but now she can really get down to business!”

While Kim serves the rest of her time at the pleasure of HM Hotten, Claire will be in pantomime in Stockport and launching a new film.

Executive Producer Jane Hudson added: “Although Kim’s initial return was fleeting, she caused such mischief and chaos that we simply couldn’t resist bringing her back. Kim Tate is just getting warmed up for an explosive 2019 which will see her hell-bent on getting exactly what, and who, she wants!”

So what happens to Home Farm while she’s gone? Does this make Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) the new lord of the manor at Home Farm? What about Joe Tate’s business interests including his share of Emmerdale Haulage?

And when Kim returns to Emmerdale, will we also get to meet her son James? Whatever plans Kim has, we can’t wait to see just whose feathers she ruffles next!


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