It’s all kicking off at Home Farm and while Robert Sugden has been scheming and plotting against the White family, only young Lachlan White has had the sense to see through all the lies and call out his enemy on what he’s up to. Shame then his own family didn’t believe him! We last saw Lachlan in a chilling scene leaving a farewell message for girlfriend Belle Dingle and then holding a power tool. We ‘drill’ down into what’s going on with this storyline!

Lachlan is hiding up in the attic, secretly watching.

Lachlan White, brilliantly played by Thomas Atkinson, isn’t someone we’d usually be worried about given his twisted history as a sex offender and general psycho. However, his hatred for Robert Sugden knows no bounds and that means trouble for Robert and all those caught in his wake.

It all came to a head in Monday’s episode of Emmerdale as Lachlan’s world fell apart after Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) told Belle (Eden Taylor Draper) that Lachlan has shown threatening behaviour around baby Seb.

Belle’s distraught when Lachlan doesn’t deny his actions.

A shocked Belle was then told Lachlan had paid for the services of a prostitute. When she confronted Lachlan, he admitted these things were true so Belle dumped him.

Lachlan turned on his mum Chrissie (Louise Marwood) for for not having his back as well as Aaron, accusing him and Robert (Ryan Hawley) of attempting to ruin his life.

Running off, Lachlan then messaged Chrissie that he was never going to return, while Belle was sent a goodbye voicemail message. We then saw him menacingly brandishing the drill.

Given he’s already shot his grandad once and recently threatened him again, there is no telling what extremes Lachlan will go to – but we can’t see taking your own life with a power drill being something the teenager would do.

Lachlan is hiding up in the attic, secretly watching.

New pictures from ITV have revealed that Lachlan has drilled a hole in some floorboards. But who is he spying on and what is he hoping to see?

Could he be in Mill Cottage hoping to get some dirt on Aaron or maybe he’s keeping an eye on Belle – it wouldn’t be the first time he’s done that! Or maybe he’s actually closer to home then his family actually think…

Stay tuned, keep watching, all will be revealed… etc…


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