As the White family prepare to exit Emmerdale, the newly revealed Joseph Tate is all set to regain Home Farm as his family home as Lawrence White handed over the deeds to the new owner Joseph.

Joseph Tate buys Home Farm

Having left the village in 2005, with his father Chris still in residence at Home Farm, Joseph Tate (Ned Porteous) is back and looking to get revenge on those he feels were to blame for his dad’s demise – namely Charity Dingle.

Lawrence White (John Bowe) has struck a quick deal in preparation for him and his daughters Chrissie and Rebecca secret departure from the village – taking Robert Sugden’s son Seb with them.

Robert is currently unaware of their plans and continues to fight for access but it will all end in tragedy when a car chase leads to a devastating crash. Meanwhile, Joseph will make himself at home in the house where his revenge plot started.

Having told Graham Foster that he has no plans to leave Debbie and Charity alone, Joseph lost his right-hand man Graham, who felt that he had gone too far by involving young cancer sufferer Sarah Sugden in his evil revenge.

This appeared to unnerve Joe as the pair clearly have a deeper history that the show has yet to reveal but, rather than admit he was wrong, Joseph let him go and instead focused on finalising the paperwork with Lawrence. As the deeds were prepared to exchange hands, it marls the end of an era for the Whites at Home Farm and the start of a next generation of Tates back in the village.

Can we expect Joseph’s auntie Zoe Tate to make an appearance as he left the village with her for a new life in New Zealand? What about his cousin Jean who also went with them? And, could this give Emmerdale a reason to bring back the UK’s best ‘soap bitch’ of all time Kim Tate?

Fingers crossed for all of the above!


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