The battle between brothers Ellis and Billy comes to a head with fists flying. It’s up to mother Jessie Dingle to decide their fate – but who will she choose?

Emmerdale Spoilers: Ellis and Billy battle it out. Who will Jessie choose?
Mon 28 Jan 2019: Jessie tries to keep Ellis and Billy Grant apart as they fight.

Before he even arrived, Billy Fletcher was causing trouble for his little half-brother Ellis Chapman (Asan N’Jie) as their mother Jessie Dingle (Sandra Marvin) refused to have a bad word said about her first born.

Now he’s out of prison and has his feet under the table, Billy (Jay Kontzle) is keen to make a fresh start but Ellis is having none of it and won’t give his brother the benefit of the doubt, so much so that tensions reach a new high at rise at Tall Trees when Ellis goads Billy.

Unable to control his anger, Billy finally snaps and lashes out at Ellis, leaving a shocked Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) no choice but to throw the ex-con out, jeopardising the terms of Billy’s parole.

Ellis, being the good guy he is, starts to regret his actions and is conflicted about what he has done. Enter Robert Sugden (-Dingle)!

Worried for husband Aaron (Danny Miller), who Billy terrorised in prison, Robert (Ryan Hawley) sees an opportunity uses his persuasive nature to manipulate vulnerable Ellis into getting rid of Billy Grant once and for all from the village.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Ellis and Billy battle it out. Who will Jessie choose?
Tues 29 Jan 2019: Jessie Dingle is left conflicted when the police ask her to make a statement.

As a result, the police arrive to arrest Billy for assault leaving Jessie dismayed to see that Ellis has no remorse for his actions.

But when Jessie is asked by the police to make a statement, she is the one in turmoil. If she tells the truth- Billy goes back to jail. If she lies- she risks losing Ellis. She is forced to chose between her two sons. What will she do and how will the son she betrays react?

Tune into Emmerdale week beginning 28th January to find out…

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