Emmerdale’s Daz Spencer thinks his life in on the up with a new job but things soon take a dark turn when he’s involved in a deadly hit and run – but which villager does he hit?

Thurs 6 Dec 2018 – 8pm: Daz Spencer’s bad day is about to get worse as he gets dragged into a bad accident.

After a rough year, finding out he’s a dad, Amelia going missing, and losing his job and his girlfriend, Daz Spencer (Mark Jordon) is excited when he finally lands a new job which also gives him a flash new company car.

Daz also revels in the attention of his new boss, Trish and soon finds himself invited back to hers to sign some paperwork after a booze swigging lunch meeting.

Thurs 6 Dec 2018 – 7pm: Daz Spencer finds himself in a taxi with Trish – but misreads the signals and insists he won’t be her play thing.

Feeling like he has no option, Daz soon finds himself in a taxi with Trish – but misreads the signs and rants that he won’t be her play thing. Good job, because that wasn’t what Trish was after at all, as she reveals she’s happily married! A furious Trish kicks embarrassed Daz gets out of the taxi, leaving him stranded without his phone or wallet.

A drunken Daz is confused when, while walking home, he spots his own car in the field, not knowing that the village youngsters have taken it for a joyride as pay back for warning Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) to steer clear of Amelia (Daisy Campbell).

Daz decides to sleep off the booze in the car and after a short nap, inspects the damage he decides to risk driving home drunk…

Noah’s phone rings in the car, distracting a drunken Daz, who then hits something with his car. He’s terrified as he looks in his rear-view mirror and when he gets out of the car, he realises someone has been run over and flees from the scene.

Who has been run over and will they survive? Will Daz admit to driving under the influence. Find out this week on Emmerdale.


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