According to news reports, Lachlan White will cause a huge car crash that will lead to the exit of some, if not all, of his family at the beginning of January. After waiting what feels like years, members of the White clan will FINALLY depart early 2018 after months of waiting for their exit.

Lachlan White will cause a huge car crash in Emmerdale

Wanting to get away from ‘Dastardly Robert Sugden’, Rebecca White is planning to leave the village and start a new life elsewhere – stop me if you’ve heard this before… because you have. But her nephew Lachlan White, played by Thomas Atkinson, has other ideas.

The twist in the tale this time is Lachlan doesn’t want to go and god knows why, given they finally know what a nut-job he is, his mother Chrissie (Louise Marwood) still wants him to go with them to the land of Oz. (Note: Let’s gloss over the fact that Australia would never let the Whites in as they have numerous criminal records and one of them is on the sex offenders list!).

Robert Sugden snatches Seb as the Whites are set to leave.

Anyway, facts aside, ‘Dastardly Robert Sugden’ finds out that the Whites are heading down under and not wanting to lose his son Seb, grabs the little fella and drives off in a bid to stop the move, with the Whites jumping in their car to follow him.

On hearing that Chrissie has filled in Lachlan’s girlfriend Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor Draper) on his deranged goings-on including hiding in the attic at Home Farm when everyone thought he was dead, Lachlan loses it and grabs the steering wheel so their car goes head on with a lorry.

With grandad Lawrence (John Bowe) and Rebecca in the back, it doesn’t look good for the clan who have been rumoured to have been leaving for what feels like years.

The Whites prepare to leave Emmerdale

Emily Head, who plays Rebecca, revealed to Digital Spy: “Leaving for Australia is Rebecca’s idea. She’s had some difficulties in the past with Robert and decides that the best course of action for her son is to keep him as far away from Robert as possible. The best way she can think to do that is to go back to her travelling ways, and pack up and move somewhere else.

“The plan is that Robert will be cut out of Seb’s life. Rebecca thinks Robert is going to be quite a destructive force in her son’s life, so the best way she can think of protecting him is to keep him out of the village.”

Thomas Atkinson, who plays Lachlan, added: “When he grabs the wheel, Lachlan doesn’t really care whether anybody lives or dies. There’s a few lines I’ve said like that. He’s in a bad headspace, I’d say. Lachlan really, genuinely just wants to die because of what his mum’s done.”

Fingers crossed the White’s farewell party starts on Thursday 11th January at 7pm.


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