Emmerdale Spoilers: Emmerdale has launched a dramatic trailer for forthcoming episodes centred around troubled Lachlan White, which seems to reveal that his best friend Gerry Roberts could be his next victim…

Emmerdale Spoilers: Will Gerry Roberts be Lachlan White's next victim?
Fri 4 May 2018: Lachlan White’s worry reaches a peak when he can’t find girlfriend Belle Dingle and realises she’s been hearing voices again.

In a brand new trailer released by Emmerdale for the Thursday 17 May entitled Lachlan’s Secret, Lachlan White, brilliantly played by Thomas Atkinson, lures best pal Gerry Roberts, the equally fantastic Shaun Thomas, to the B&B, where the former can be seen shouting for help as Lachlan sits in wait.

Watch the exclusive Emmerdale trailer about ‘Lachlan’s Secret’ here

The trailer follows on from tonight’s episode (Fri 4 May) where a panicked Lachlan, worrying about the whereabouts and mental state of his girlfriend Belle Dingle, confiding in Gerry ‘it is all his fault’ and how guilty he feels over the death of his mother Chrissie and grandfather Lawrence. 

Suffering a relapse with her mental heath, Belle (Eden Draper Taylor) went on a rampage in the make shift brewery at the instruction of the voices in her head and then did a runner.

Lachlan and Gerry searched the village for Belle, ending up at the cricket pavilion where Lachlan said far more than he intended.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Will Gerry Roberts be Lachlan White's next victim?
Mon 7 May 2018: Gerry Roberts is wary as he questions Lachlan White about what he told him about the crash the previous day. A defensive Lachlan gets upset and Gerry agrees to drop it.

He told Gerry: “This is all my fault. I should have taken better care of her. I knew something was wrong and I did nothing. This is down to me, always is. I can’t do this again. Knowing it’s my fault, if someone else dies because of me.”

Their conversation was interrupted by a call from Zak Dingle (Steve Halliwell) who informed them that Belle had made contact with her mum Lisa (Jane Cox) and had been checked into a mental health facility.

But the comments had fuelled Gerry’s suspicions and he later questioned Lachlan whether he had been talking about the crash that killed Chrissie and Lawrence in his earlier rant.

Next week’s episodes will see Gerry Roberts questioning Lachlan further, who gets upset and urges Gerry to drop it. Despite agreeing, Gerry knows something is not right and tries to retrieve the deleted voicemail message Lachlan mistakingly left during the fatal accident that he caused.

The trailer suggests Gerry gets way too close for comfort for Lachlan, who is seen searching ‘How to get away with Murder‘ on his phone.

Watch the exclusive Emmerdale trailer about ‘Lachlan’s Secret’ here

Will Gerry Roberts meet his maker at the hands of Lachlan? We certainly hope not as since his arrival in January 2017, and more recently as he’s become a more permanent fixture in the village, he has become a firm favourite with fans.

His cheeky smile and horrendous flirting combined with his sudden involvement with the ‘Roblivion’ family, supporting Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele) and working with Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) and Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) has been brilliant to watch.

Plus, there is so much scope for Gerry’s character in the future as apart from his spell in a Youth Offenders Facility and his quirky ways, we know little about Gerry’s life, friends or family prior to his arrival in Emmerdale.

While the episodes look exciting, it seems two friends will start the week but maybe only one will live to see the end of it…