Emmerdale Spoilers: Tracy Metcalfe has turned her life around since arriving in Emmerdale as an adult chat-line worker who saw a chance to exploit Sam Dingle into giving her money. Four years later, she’s married to David Metcalfe and works in the shop, in a much more settled life. But is Tracy’s past to haunt her in the shape of ‘Hotten Handyman’?

Emmerdale Spoilers: Is Tracy Metcalfe's past back to haunt her?
Wed 31 Jan 2018: A drunk Tracy Metcalfe asks a flirtatious Phil for a drink.

Emmerdale actress Amy Walsh revealed in a behind the scenes video of a recent photoshoot that there is a dark storyline ahead for Tracy Metcalfe, and we were soon introduced on-screen to creepy handyman Phil.

Working on David’s Shop, Phil took an unhealthy interest in the Metcalfes, making out he didn’t know anything about them but then revealing to the audience that he did know Tracy as he looked at an old picture of her on his phone.

“You may have changed your name, but you haven’t changed one bit,” said the mysterious newcomer. The next day he returned and convinced David that the work on the shop was much bigger than first anticipated and he’d be hanging round longer. But, after a few drinks in the Woolpack, Phil seemed to have won the unwitting couple over.

Amy revealed in the photoshoot video that the looks featured would fit with her new storyline. She explained: “We’re doing some edgier looks today for me, because it’s to promote Tracy’s next storyline, which is quite edgy I suppose.

“A bit of her history comes back, someone from her past comes into her life and it gets quite dark.”

She added: “With Tracy and David, there’s always some fun as well and it’s not all doom and gloom. But there is a darker side coming in.”

Expect to see more of Phil over the next few weeks, even though Emmerdale have yet to give any further info on what’s in store for Tracy.



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