Spring is in the air along with a whole bunch of new Emmerdale storylines for some of our favourite characters. Speaking at a recent press event, Series Producer Iain MacLeod has lifted the lid on what fans can look forward to in the coming months.

What storylines will be blooming this spring in Emmerdale

Spring is on its way and as the flowers in Emmerdale bloom so does another raft of exciting (fingers crossed) storylines that will see some villagers wishing their secrets had stayed buried while others will wish they were six feet under! Series Producer Iain MacLeod has revealled what’s coming up for our favourite villagers…

Charity’s past revealed

Welcome to The Emmerdaily - Emmerdale Cast, Charity Macey
Charity Dingle

Charity Dingle is about to confide a deep dark secret to girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) this spring as her past comes back to haunt her. This deep-rooted secret will make us see the Woolpack landlady and all-round schemer in a new light.

Emmerdale bosses say this new storyline will give viewers an insight into what made Charity, played by Emma Atkins, the woman that she is. But will her secret bring her and girlfriend Vanessa even close or drag them further apart?

“I like to think life and personalities are layered, and someone who comes across like a bitch almost always has another side to them,” explains Emma. “Its interesting to explore the rich dynamics of Charity’s personality, because no one’s just a bitch and no one’s always nice!’


Brenda’s keeping her man!

Welcome to The Emmerdaily - Emmerdale Cast, Brenda Hope
Brenda Hope

It wouldn’t be Emmerdale without an affair and after sharing a night of passion, suddenly Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) and Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) can’t keep their hands off each other! Meeting in secret behind Bob’s fiancee Brenda’s back, Laurel and Bob think they are being so careful – not realising that Brenda is already on to them.

Determined not to lose Bob, Brenda is keeping her cards close to her chest and reckons by not rocking the boat, her and Bob can make it up the aisle and be married as planned. “This is a double betrayal for Brenda,” actress Lesley Dunlop explains. “She desperately wants to be with Bob. She tells Kerry Wyatt that ‘He’s mine, I love him!”

Not willing to give up and let Bob go, Brenda decides to have some fun, mainly at Laurel’s expense. Will Bob and Laurel realise they have been rumbled or are they blinded by their passion?


Tough times for Chas Dingle

Welcome to The Emmerdaily - Emmerdale Cast, Chas Dingle
Chas Dingle

Lets face it Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) hasn’t had the easiest of lives – and even when things are looking up now she’s loved up with Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) and son Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) is finally happy, she still can’t catch a break.

If finding out you’re pregnant on your birthday isn’t enough to cause a few worry lines, it seems the Woolpack landlady has more troubles coming her way this Spring.

Will the baby come between Chas and Paddy or will he decide to go back to his ex-wife Rhona Goskirk as there definitely is still some feelings there. What about this fling Chas had in Ireland? What was the point of mentioning that if we’re never going to meet the fella in question? Or maybe the troubles are linked to Chas’ current condition. She is planning an abortion but things don’t always go to plan…


Divorce for Tracy and David?

Welcome to The Emmerdaily - Emmerdale Cast, Tracy Shankley
Tracy Metcalfe

Consumed with guilt from the secrets of her past, Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) is trying everything to convince husband David (Matthew Wolfenden) to stand by her – but will his pride allow it? When news of Handyman Phil’s court appearance reaches the local newspaper, so does the fact that Tracy was a teenage prostitute.

While Tracy is proud of herself for standing up to the bully, David is mortified and feels embarrassed and ashamed of what’s happened, prompting Tracy to walk out!

Stepson Jacob Gallagher (Joe Warren Plant) tries to make David see sense and does all he can to get the pair back together, especially when David looks set to move his ex-fiancee Priya Kotecha (Fiona Wade) in when she finds herself homeless.

While Tracy blames herself, little does she know that David has a secret of his own – the small matter of sleeping with his ex Leyla Harding before she left for Greece, and then flying to Greece to talk to her about it! Who’s guilty now David!

Aaron’s blast from the past

Welcome to The Emmerdaily - Emmerdale Cast, Aaron Livsey
Aaron Dingle

Just when Robron were looking forward to a bit of ‘happy ever after’ time, a face from Aaron Dingle’s past turns up to cause trouble for him and Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley). Could Robron’s future be on the line again?

While little has been revealed about this ‘blast from the past’, one thing has been confirmed – the storyline won’t involve either of the pair lying or cheating. What a novelty!

This ‘sinister character’ is set to turn their lives upside down but who is he or she and what do they want? Could it be one of Aaron’s ex-prison buddies such as Ethan or Jason who needs his help, a contact from his years in France maybe, or going right back to when Aaron first arrived as a youngster, someone from his days drug running for the Macfarlane family. We’ll have to wait and see…


Rock bottom for Ross

Welcome to The Emmerdaily - Emmerdale Cast, Ross Barton
Ross Barton

Since being the victim of an acid attack, Ross Barton is like a different person. No longer the confident bad boy, reliant on his good looks and the twinkle in his eye, he is now living in fear and afraid to leave his house.

Things go from bad to worse when his brother Pete (Anthony Quinlan) encourages him to join him in the Woolpack. Ross’ confidence and mental health reaches a new low when he becomes the victim of a cruel joke.

“Ross’ injury has turned everything upside down,” says actor Michael Parr. “It has scarred his relationships, his personality, and his confidence. All it takes is for one person to say something to bring him back to zero.”

Will Ross ever be the same again?


Liv self destructs

Young Liv Flaherty has a lot going on in her life at the mo. Questioning her own sexuality, Liv is a confused young woman and although she has big brother Aaron Dingle to turn to, her so-called best mate Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) has treated her terribly.

Gabby used a henna tattoo kit to write ‘skank’ on Liv’s back on her 16th birthday as she thought Liv was seeing her ex-boyfriend Jacob Gallagher. Actually Jacob was just being a good friend – something Gabby wouldn’t have a clue about.

So its no surprise that a ‘prank’ with Gabby is set to spiral out of control and get Liv in a whole host of bother. And in typical Liv style, when things look bleak, Liv turns to the booze again.

Series Producer Iain MacLeod said: “Isobel Steele, who plays Liv, is very talented and a rare find, and we will be exploring the limits of her acting skills to the extreme. Her storyline is going to be quite big and dark in places, but I’ve no doubt she will smash it.”

Also to come…

Graham Foster confides in a shocked resident about his tragic past – but what is he hiding and who will find out?

Marlon Dingle’s still not ready to quit his romantic intentions towards head teacher Jessie Grant, despite her thinking he’s a blithering idiot!

Lachlan White panics when his aunt Rebecca starts seeing a hypnotherapist to help with her memory loss. Will she remember how the accident killing her dad and sister actually happened?

Poor Jimmy King isn’t having the best time and when his performance in the bedroom seems to be far less effective than his father-in-law Rodney Blackstock, it doesn’t help!


  1. We need some happy times n emmerdale it has been so dark lately , dont let liv go downhill she was a lvely bright spark when she first arrived , lets get eric married off with no dramas , bob should come clean and be with. Laural , Ross should man up and be more posotive, get marlon and paddy to arrange a baby shower with a few laughs along the way , keep Robert and Aaron together , i know this all seems happy ever afters but it needs a happy boost!


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