After letting baby Seb go to live with his mother Rebecca White, it looks like there’s going to be some baby drama for Emmerdale fan favourites Robert Sugden and his husband Aaron Dingle as Robron contemplate the future of their family.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Baby drama for Aaron and Robert (Robron)
Wed 7 Nov 2018: Aaron Dingle broaches the subject of him and Robert having their own child and Robert is stunned.

The week starts with conflict for Robron as Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) is still annoyed that Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) made the decision on baby Seb’s future without consulting his, taking his frustrations out on a car at the scrapyard.

He wants answers from Robert as Aaron feels betrayed, which only adds to Robert’s guilt as he feels terrible and misses his son. Trying to make amends, Aaron and Liv are surprised when Robert arrives at Mill Cottage with Seb in tow, and the family throw an early birthday party as Seb nears his first birthday.

When Liv (Isobel Steele) suggests that they keep Seb with them, Aaron’s left with food for thought but will he discuss it with Robert or take action of his own? 

As it draws time to say goodbye to Seb, Robert and Liv say their goodbyes as Aaron gets ready to take Seb back to his mum in Liverpool but is obviously not happy about it.

So when Robert gets a call from Rebecca asking where Aaron and Seb are, Robert starts to worry. Where has Aaron gone with Seb?

He can’t have gone far because by the middle of the week, Aaron shocks Robert when he suggests they have a child of their own. But when Aaron is about to tell his mum Chas Dingle about their surrogacy plan, Robert stops him. Realising Robert is stalling for time, Aaron worries that Robert doesn’t want a child with him after all?

Not much of a honeymoon period for Robron but given all they have been through and how much they’ve both grown, can they talk this out or will it cause a rift in their marriage?


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