Will Emmerdale’s Daz Spencer do the right thing for once and come clean on being responsible for the ‘hit and run’ on Graham Foster?

Thurs 20 Dec 2018 – 7pm: Overcome with guilt Daz Spencer secretly confesses to Dan Spencer he’s to blame for the hit and run.

Ever since Daz Spencer (Mark Jordon) arrived in Emmerdale, trouble has not been too far behind him. He must be jinxed! But his latest antics, drunk driving and hitting Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) before fleeing the scene may be the final nail in his coffin. Will Daz reveal the truth or will he let his biological daughter Amelia take the blame?

More trouble comes calling for the Spencers when Kerry (Laura Norton) and Dan receive an eviction notice from Nicola King. Amelia thinks she is to blame but Daz feels guilty when Dan says they’ll need to leave the village.

“Amelia thinks that her behaviour is reflecting on the family as a whole,” Liam Fox, who plays Dan Spencer, tells Inside Soap magazine. “In her mind, she believes that Graham wants to get the Spencers out of the village because of her. Obviously, that’s not the case – Graham is just after money to keep Home Farm running, but you can see how kids get confused. And now there’s this hit-and-run. Amelia is thinking ‘What if we did hit someone and we didn’t realise?’ It doesn’t make sense to her.”

So when PC Swirling arrives and explains developments in Amelia’s case lead them to believe Amelia knows more than she’s letting on, things escalate. A fretting Amelia discusses the hit-and-run with Noah and Leanna unaware that Graham has overheard them.

Thurs 20 Dec 2018 – 7pm: Dan Spencer is furious that Daz’s letting his daughter confess to a crime she didn’t commit.

Leanna tries to convince Amelia to take the blame but when Daz Spencer overhears Amelia’s plan, he crumbles and confesses to Amelia that it was in face him. Amelia is stunned but insists that she still take the blame in order to keep Daz out of jail. Believing Amelia is too young to be arrested, Daz agrees to go along with the plan.

But as Amelia is questioned again, a guilt-ridden Daz confesses to Dan that he’s to blame and Dan is furious that he’s letting Amelia confess to a crime she didn’t commit to save himself.

“Dan is gutted,” adds Liam. “He’s given Daz so many chances throughout his entire life, but this is the lowest of the low. I don’t really know how they’ll come back from this. He’s always been the one who’s full of forgiveness – although this time it’s just a step too far.”

When Dan orders Daz to come clean to PC Swirling but will his spineless brother do the right thing for one? 

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