Emmerdale’s Victoria Barton Comes Face to Face with her Rapist!

Pregnant with rapist Lee Posner’s baby, Victoria Barton has her fair share to cope with at the mo in Emmerdale. So imagine coming face to face with her attacker – and him finding out he’s fathered her child! Actress Isabel Hodgins explains all…

Emmerdale Spoilers: Victoria Barton faces rapist Lee Posner - and his mum!
Tues 2 July 2019 – 7pm: Victoria’s frozen as Lee accuses her of being behind the posters for which he was sacked and in flight mode, she takes off while Amy gets in Lee’s face.

Victoria Barton (Isabel Hodgins) is desperately trying to put her violent attack at the hands of rapist Lee Posner (Kris Mochrie) behind her – which is pretty difficult when she is carrying his child. With a lasting reminder of that horrific Emmerdale night out, the last thing she needs it to come face to face with her attacker, especially when she’s already had a mouthful of his mother!

When Victoria is ambushed by a woman accusing her of lying about her attack, she soon learns the woman is Lee’s mother Wendy, played by Susan Cookson. Just when Victoria thinks things can’t get any worse, Wendy returns to Emmerdale – but this time with Lee in tow!

As Victoria’s friends and family rush to protect her and confront Lee about what he’s done, her stepmom Diane Sugden lets slip that Victoria is pregnant. Will Lee disappear or will Wendy want to be part of her grandchild’s life? Actress Isabel Hodgins explains…

“It’s the very first time Victoria’s since Lee since the rape,” says Isabel. “She’s thinking ‘They know where I live, where I work, they can show up whenever they want – so just when is this going to the end?’ She’s feeling genuine fear, as she has no control of the situation.”

Wendy corners Victoria Barton in the ladies at the Woolpack and immediately goes on the attack, insisting Victoria stops spreading lies about Lee.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Victoria Barton faces rapist Lee Posner - and his mum!
Mon 1 July 2019: A lady follows Victoria Barton into the Woolpack toilets and Victoria’s panicked to discover she is Wendy, Lee’s mum.

“She’s shocked and scared – her first fear is that Lee is there too,” adds Isabel. “Straight away Wendy is the enemy. She has her son’s interests at heart, so Victoria knows it’s going to be difficult. It’s Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) who saves the day, by jumping in and having a go at Wendy.  Victoria just crumbles, yet Charity is there to hold her and tell her that it’s all going to be okay.”

Victoria’s worst fears are realised the next day when Wendy returns with Lee in tow. She is horrified as they approach her, but Diane Sugden (Elizabeth Estensen) and Victoria’s friend Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) rush to protect her. When Lee accuses Victoria of being behind the posters that resulted in him to losing his car salesman job, Amy springs to her defence and lets rip. Victoria flees the scene and phones her brother Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) for back-up!

“It was Robert who put up the posters without telling Victoria, which angered her at first – however, she’s forgiven him,” explains Isabel. “She knows deep down he was only trying to get justice for her. She wanted to let things lie, but Robert’s incapable of that.”

As soon as Robert lays eyes on Lee, he goes for him and has to be restrained from punching him. Lee continues to play innocent and heads for Mill Cottage, along with his mum, so everyone can have it out – which is when Diane accidentally spills the beans about Victoria’s pregnancy.

“The baby is none of Lee’s business as far as Victoria is concerned,” adds Isabel. “She’s going to raise this child on her own and she’s more than happy with that. But now that Lee and Wendy know she’s pregnant – are they going to bully her into a termination? Is Lee going to stake a claim over the baby? Will they want to be involved? It’s opening a can of worms that Victoria wanted to keep closed.”

Will Victoria ever be able to distance herself from attacker Lee or is her nightmare only just beginning?

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