Emmerdale David and Tracey Kiss!

There’s nothing like a visit to a night club to inspire people to get back with their exes – just look at Robron! So is that why Tracy and David Metcalfe kiss on Emmerdale’s Big Night Out? Actress Amy Walsh explains…

Emmerdale Spoilers: Tracy and David kiss on Big Night Out!
Emmerdale’s Tracy Metcalfe played by Amy Walsh

Emmerdale’s Big Night Out brings former married couple Tracy and David Metcalfe closer as after having his heart broken by Maya Stepney, the estranged pair share a drunken kiss. Is a reunion on the cards for Tracy and David? Actress Amy Walsh explains…

How does the big night out occur?
“Tracy’s been up for this big club night for a while. She’s single again so she’s always trying to get people to go out into town with her. Tracy and Leyla suggest to Amy and Maya and David goes along with them. There’s a big DJ playing. It’s quite a nice thing to happen because we don’t often see so many characters out of the village.”

What happens when you arrive at the club?
“Everyone’s having a good time at the nightclub when all of a sudden there’s some friction between Maya and David which changes the atmosphere. My character then finds David who is feeling a bit sad and lonely. He confides in Tracy about the troubles he and Maya have had for the past few months and she tells him, for the first time, that she doesn’t think Maya is right for him.

“I never wanted it to look like Tracy was jealous and it comes in a really natural way. As much as I believe she’s probably still loves David, I do think she’s happy to let him go and move on until Maya’s started being a little bit fractious with her. She’s got an inkling in the last few months that she’s being ostracised from the family which has been quite hard for her as she’s very loyal. Once she loves people, she’ll be there for them.”

Emmerdale Spoilers: Tracy and David kiss on Big Night Out!
Thurs 25 Apr 2019 – 7pm: David Metcalfe finds solace in Tracy Metcalfe and they kiss.

Why does the kiss between Tracy and David take place?
“I don’t think Tracy still holds a candle for David. It’s more to do with that fact that they’ve had a bit to drink and they’re physically close because they can’t hear over the music and have a very honest moment where they talk about being there for each other.

“I genuinely think from Tracy’s perspective, it was the comfort of it all and it didn’t feel wrong because he used to be hers, this was her world. David is coming from a different angle. David is David – he always jumps on to the next thing to try and block out the other. It was more to do with having had a drink and he felt lonely and unloved by Maya.”

What happens after Maya sees it? How does Tracy feel?
“When Maya sees the kiss, Tracy’s quite defensive. They’ve already pulled away and said ‘This is ridiculous, what are we doing?’ It was a very fleeting kiss which doesn’t make it right, but in that moment she wants to explain. She doesn’t want to be the perpetrator and be in the middle of all this.

“But then Maya starts hurling abuse at her and Tracy starts to think Maya’s not who she’s been making herself out to be. She storms off and Tracy finds her in the toilet to try and explain it wasn’t just her and tells her to speak to David. Tracy sees it as David shirking responsibility for his actions.”

Maya and Jacob are caught by one of the girls that night. What can you tell us about that?
“Maya’s caught with Jacob by one of the girls and news travels fast. Initially, they don’t believe as a group what’s been seen is the truth, not that one of us is lying, but that there must be some explanation. As soon as they realise what’s happening, they want to get her on her own and hear the truth. It gets a bit crazy and I can’t say too much more.”

How do you think Tracy would react to the news?
“It comes as a shock for Tracy because she considers Jacob as a step-son. She’s very protective of him and she really loves him and he’s been good to her in the past. Also, she’s been completely duped as there’s been several times that Maya’s lied to her. Tracy’s shown kindness in looking after her when she was ill and her relationship with Billy ended because of a lie Maya told. So there’s all of that going through her head. The sheer amount of time it’s gone on for is unbelievable and quite emotional for Tracy. She’s hurt, upset and baffled by it.”

Does this mean the game is up for Maya?
“I hope this means the abuse will stop. I don’t know the outcome to this story yet, but I hope it does.”

All of this has been shot at night. How has that been?
“I’ve really enjoyed doing the night shoots. It’s something really different, I feel like I’m part of a completely different show in a nice way. It feels like you’re in a film particularly the way it’s been shot and the time we’ve been on location in the middle of the night. Our directors, Paul Copeland and Michael Lacey, have been unbelievable with everything that happens with the girls after the club. I’ve thrown myself into it and because it was a full week of filming, you have to accept that’s your life for a week.”

See part one of Emmerdale’s Big Night Out starting week commencing 20th April, with the second part revealed starting 6th May.

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