Emmerdale Lives Change Forever!

Next week sees a Big Night Out for some of the Emmerdale villagers that will change their lives forever – and we’ve got the scoop on part one!

Emmerdale Spoilers: The Emmerdale Big Night Out - Part One Revealed!
A big night out changes everything for some Emmerdale villagers

In another break with tradition, Emmerdale will tell a story in two parts, two weeks apart – with part one starting 20th – 26th April (week 17). A group of villagers head into Hotten for a ‘Big Night Out’. Determined to let their hair down for a host of different reasons, Leyla, Priya, David, Tracy, Maya, Kerry, Rhona, Victoria, Ellis, Aaron, Robert and Bernice go to a nightclub for a night out on the tiles.

It’s a night of huge revelations and unexplained outcomes. No one will be quite sure of what exactly has happened…

As the villagers party away they are sent into a haywire of confusion when the fire alarm sounds and the bouncers evacuate everyone into the street.

Once outside confusion reigns amongst the villagers and the game is finally up for Maya as she and Jacob are caught by one of the girls.

Rhona is smarting after feeling jealous over Pete and meets a handsome stranger whilst Victoria struggles to locate her friends in the confusion outside the club.

Then two weeks later (Week 19: 4th – 10th May) Emmerdale will air a collection of flashback episodes which will take the audience back to that night and finally reveal what really happened and why lives will be changed forever.

In some of Emmerdale’s most gripping episodes ever, it will all become clear…

Emmerdale Spoilers: The Emmerdale Big Night Out - Part One Revealed!
Emmerdale’s Maya Stepney played by Louisa Clein

Liv blackmailing her has completely panicked Maya and she’s desperately trying to regain some form of control. In her psychological state, she is selfishly thinking how can she protect herself? How can she get the control back?

“It’s the first time really she’s been very vulnerable and frightened. It’s a matter of how someone who has been cornered becomes like an animal. How does she behave and react?”

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Emmerdale Spoilers: The Emmerdale Big Night Out - Part One Revealed!
Emmerdale’s Tracy Metcalfe played by Amy Walsh

Tracy’s been up for this big club night for a while. She’s single again so she’s always trying to get people to go out into town with her.

Tracy and Leyla suggest to Amy and Maya and David goes along with them. There’s a big DJ playing. It’s quite a nice thing to happen because we don’t often see so many characters out of the village.”

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Emmerdale Spoilers: The Emmerdale Big Night Out - Part One Revealed!
Emmerdale’s Billy Fletcher played by Jay Kontzle

“I really like the relationship between Billy and Ellis, and at this point it is actually rebuilding itself, as they are on the verge of becoming like real brothers again, like they used to be as children.

“Obviously Billy knows there is a threat there and that it could all go downhill again very quickly for them. They were going to create a business together which would have created a really strong bond between the two. But in the back of his mind, Billy was afraid that it could be ruined in a couple of moments.”

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Emmerdale Spoilers: The Emmerdale Big Night Out - Part One Revealed!
Emmerdale’s Victoria Barton played by Isabel Hodgins

Victoria decided to go to the club because Amy persuaded her to go. She hears about the night out, knows that Ellis is going and encourages Victoria to make him jealous. Robert and Aaron also end up coming along with Amy, Ellis, Kerry, Bernice, Leyla, Priya, David, Tracy and Rhona.

“Once at the club, as ever, she and Ellis are playing cat and mouse by flirting with other people. It’s silly really as they do like each other. She is really enjoying partying with Amy as it’s been such a long time since they’ve been out on the town together and at the point when the fire alarm goes off she is having a great time. Then it all changes.”

What can you tell us about what happens next?
“Once the fire alarm has sounded, it is safe to say that all is not as it seems and Victoria’s life will change forever as a result of going to the nightclub. The events will have a massive and long-lasting impact on not only Victoria, but her family too.”

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See part one of Emmerdale’s Big Night Out starting week commencing 20th April, with the second part revealed starting 6th May.

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