Emmerdale’s Super Soap Bitch is Back!!

The ultimate soap bitch Kim Tate is out of prison and returning to Emmerdale but just how long can she keep out of trouble? Actress Claire King tells all…

Emmerdale Spoilers: The Bitch is Back! Kim Tate returns to Emmerdale
Kim Tate returns to Emmerdale

Kim Tate, played by actress Claire King, returns to Emmerdale next week to find Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) has all but run her company into the ground – and understandably, she’s none too pleased!

She doesn’t even get over the threshold of Home Farm before causing trouble and her first ‘opponent’ is Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), proving she’s not a woman to be messed with. Knowing his involvement in Joe’s death, Kim threatens to get the police involved unless he does everything she says – and don’t doubt she means it!

Emmerdale Spoilers: The Bitch is Back! Kim Tate returns to Emmerdale
Fri 15 Mar 2019: Kim tells Cain he has to play ball and promises Faith she’ll get her back on learning she pushed Kim over the balcony.

Already on the warpath, Kim then targets Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter), as she pushed Kim over the balcony when she made her initial comeback. Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) is next on the ‘hitlist’, who has spent the last few weeks plotting and scheming with Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley). Actress Claire King reveals what Kim has in store for them now she’s back in the Dales.

Does Kim have an appetite for trouble now that she’s out of prison?
“I think she does, she’s in a bullying mood! She’s adamant that she won’t be going back into prison, but she wants to get revenge on the people who upset her when she came out the last time and get her own back.”

Can you talk about the journey from prison to Home Farm?
“Graham’s car breaks down on the way back to Home Farm and he suggests they walk the rest of the way, because it’s not too far. Kim doesn’t want to walk anywhere so he goes off and as she’s waiting, Cain Dingle comes past. These two have never met and they don’t know each other. He’s looking at the car and trying to fix it, says it’s a fuel blockage that will sort itself, and she says she could do with having someone like him working for her, he’s very handy. But when she introduces herself, that’s a red rag to a bull. Cain doesn’t want anything to do with her and the battle lines are drawn from there, that these two will have a bit of a feisty time.”

Emmerdale Spoilers: The Bitch is Back! Kim Tate returns to Emmerdale
Thurs 14 Mar 2019 – 7pm: When Kim Tate’s car breaks down, Cain Dingle stops to help until he realises who she is and the battle lines are drawn.

Are they instant enemies?
“Kim actually really fancies Cain when she first sees him, but then he’s in sworn enemy territory. Kim put out the orders to kill Joe Tate, but in the end she thinks it’s actually Cain who did the dirty deed – accidentally or not, Cain killed Joe as far as she believes. She thinks she has the upper hand on him. She feels like she can probably blackmail him into something.”

Kim sets her sights on Graham.  Can you shed any light on their romantic history? “They’ve had a relationship, albeit somewhat odd, for probably about 15 or 20 years. She hired Graham as an employee to oversea everything, to look after the accounts, the estate, all his businesses abroad and in the UK and to make sure everything runs smoothly. She bought in Joe to do similar, but he went off the rails and fell in love with Debbie Dingle. She got Graham to keep an eye on Joe but Kim wasn’t best pleased when Graham started drinking again.

“But there’s a spark between the two of them, especially when they’re arguing. I think they find it quite arousing. They have that very odd relationship. I think Graham is probably in love with Kim and would marry her tomorrow, but Kim wouldn’t want that loss of control because it’s make them equal partners. She’s a bit of a control freak. She also doesn’t like the fact that Graham could go off with someone else. She wants him for herself.”

Emmerdale Spoilers: The Bitch is Back! Kim Tate returns to Emmerdale
Thurs 14 Mar 2019 – 7pm: As news of her arrival spreads around the village, Kim Tate turns her full attentions to seducing Graham Foster.

Do you think Kim is attracted to Graham’s dangerous side?
“Yes, definitely. She loves the fact that he can handle himself. He can also handle her to a certain extent. He’s the only one who can have any sort of guilt over Kim and reins her in.  She becomes a bit more childish when she’s with him.

What’s it like to be back in the Dales?
“I’m really happy here – apart from learning all the lines and the workload, as its double what we used to have! I appreciate how much goes into the show nowadays and how everyone just cracks on and does it.

“I’m working full-on with Andy Scarborough and he’s wonderful. To have someone that professional as well as a good laugh is lovely. I’m lucky because I’m surrounded by nice people. I haven’t worked with a lot of the cast yet, but as Kim spreads her wings, and her bile, around the village, I’m sure I’ll work with more people. It’s lovely to be here – it almost feels as if I’ve never been away!”

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