Emmerdale’s Maya Found Out?

After spotting teacher Maya Stepney kissing teenager Jacob Gallagher, Priya Kotecha, Leyla Harding and Tracy Metcalfe confront the abuser. Actress Fiona Wade tells all…

Priya Kotecha played by Fiona Wade
Priya Kotecha played by Fiona Wade

On the first part of Emmerdale’s Big Night Out, Priya Kotecha made the disturbing discovery of Maya Stepney’s abuse of Jacob Gallagher. After telling Tracy Metcalfe and Leyla Harding, the three ladies decide to confront Maya to find out what’s been going on and things get out of hand. Actress Fiona Wade explains…

In the nightclub episodes, Priya caught Jacob and Maya. Can you tell us what happened and how it came about?
In the previous nightclub episodes, everyone was invited to a VIP big night out by Priya’s step sister, Aiesha. Early on in the night, Priya lost her purse and went outside to look for it and that’s when things changed. She saw Maya running out of the club and did a second take when she saw Jacob getting out of a car because as far as she knew, he was in Portugal visiting his mother.

At first, Priya didn’t think too much of it but then saw Maya and Jacob kiss. It was a really weird and hugely shocking moment for Priya. When she found Leyla and Tracy amongst all the commotion of the fire alarm going off, she doesn’t really want to give them the news. There was a lot of shock and confusion at first as Leyla questioned whether it was innocent but when Priya confirmed they were kissing like they couldn’t get enough of each other, that was the moment everything clicked for all three girls.

Tues 7 May 2019: As they drive her away into the night, Maya is put under pressure.

The last we saw of the girls and Maya driving away from the club. Where are they going?
After driving off with Maya, Leyla initially tells Priya to drive to the airport to find Jacob so they can speak to them both. They’re not in a car going somewhere nice, the energy is very different and Maya suddenly picks up on that.

Although Priya’s relationship with Jacob is slightly different to that of Leyla or Tracy, she is supporting the girls and also wants to find out what the hell Maya’s been doing with Jacob and what that kiss was all about.

What can you tell us about what happens next in these flashback episodes?
In the flashback episodes you see that something has happened which has changed everyone’s lives forever. Something unexpected takes place and it’s the aftermath of that and the impact it has on the girls as individuals and on their friendships that we witness.

What’s Priya’s relationship like with Jacob?
Priya used to be with David and has a child, Amba, with him, so she and Jacob have been there for each other through a lot. Their relationship isn’t so close anymore so she doesn’t feel like his step mum, but she does care about him because she’s known him since he was a little boy. She would never want him to be in the situation he’s in now.

What’s it been like to film?
It’s been fun filming the night shoots actually. It’s been great to be a part of such a fantastic series of episodes. They’re always so well written and the story’s been so brilliantly played out. We’ve done seven or eight night shoots and it’s not easy at 05.30 in the morning when it’s raining and it’s freezing cold but once you’re all together, the adrenaline and excitement kicks in. We all want it to be great; the Maya and Jacob storyline is an incredibly important story to tell and we gave it our all.

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