Emmerdale’s ROBRON on the run!!

When rapist Lee Posner dies, Robert Sugden is suddenly facing a murder charge much to the distress of husband Aaron Dingle. Encouraged by sister Liv, Robron goes on the run but are their days numbered? Actor Danny Miller explains more…

Emmerdale's ROBRON on the run!!
Tuesday 15 Oct 2019: At the village hall, Aaron reveals to a distraught Chas Dingle his plan to go on the run with Robert Sugden, leaving him an emotional wreck.

Sad times are coming to soap land as the beloved RobronRobert Sugden and Aaron Dingle are ripped apart as actor Ryan Hawley leaves Emmerdale. As Robron go on the run, actor Danny Miller explains what the future is like for the married couple and Aaron going forward.

How are things for Aaron at this stage?
“At this stage, Aaron is filled with dread at the thought of Robert going to prison. Particularly because of what happened in their relationship whilst Aaron was in prison. Their relationship didn’t work, they didn’t cope very well and Robert went off and drunkenly slept with Rebecca. Aaron is worried about what’s going to happen whilst Robert’s in there as he has pleaded guilty to GBH with intent which usually carries a prison sentence. They are aware that he might be able to get a few years shaved off for pleading guilty but the problem is he knows that either way he is going down and the court case is coming up fast!”

What’s Aaron’s initial reaction when he discovers that Lee has died?
“He feels sick with dread to hear about Lee. He has grown up a bit recently and realised he has to be there for his family especially Liv and Seb. If Robert is going down, which seems inevitable to the pair of them, he knows he is going to have to pick up both roles and be strong for Liv and Seb. He is also worried about what it could mean for his relationship with Seb as it could be seen that there is no reason for Rebecca to let Aaron see Seb. He has helped Robert co-parent him, he has almost brought him up as a son. He knows that that could be gone. Also Victoria will need him to step up to fill Robert’s shoes to help her as it will be extra tough for her once the baby comes without Robert there.”

Why do they decide to go on the run?
“When they first find out that Lee has died, Aaron knows how the law works and he instantly realises it is now going to be a murder charge. There is no self defence, so he knows Robert is going to be going to prison for a very long time. Almost straight away, Liv suggests the idea of going on the run together. It was Aaron’s last resort as he has done it before with Adam. However, Liv mentioning it almost gives it some sort of approval to them and the decision is made quickly.”

How are their goodbyes?
“The goodbyes are rushed. You can see that Aaron and Robert almost don’t have time to take in the emotion due to the rush and panic. The police are essentially on their way, it’s all so quick, it’s a serious crime so he can’t be out on bail. They both say their individual goodbyes but I don’t think they realise this could be the final time they speak to people, it certainly doesn’t hit Robert until he gets in the car.”

Do they have a real plan? Do they truly believe they’ll be able to stay on the run?
“The plan is to try and find a safe place that the police wouldn’t suspect to give them a chance to collate passports, money and a plan. I think their plan is to leave in the dead of night but they are making it up as they go along. It’s not a romantic “lets run off into the sunset together!” They have had no time to plan this, they just have to grab their things and go. Aaron has connections in France, he has inherited Cain’s contacts so it is possible they could make it work there. He takes control for a change which is nice and Robert is happy to let him do that.”

Are you going to miss working with Ryan?
It’s been amazing working with Ryan. It’s been full on and we sometimes get on each other’s nerves but we just work so well together. We have a level of trust and understanding that I will really miss. We have great chemistry on screen and right from our first scene, I felt it and I guess the producers must have seen it too. I think they saw something in us and decided to take it to the next level and it worked out amazingly. I already miss him and he hasn’t even left yet! I was doing scenes without him today, talking about Robert and it just felt weird but I guess everything good comes to an end.

Will the final Robron scenes be weird to film?
“We’ve done some of it and there’s real raw emotion there for Ryan and myself. During one of the emotional scenes, it hit me that it’s real and it’s actually happening and there are some genuine tears in there. We’ve been very close for four years and it’s not going to be the same without him but the show goes on to so to speak and it’ll be interesting to see what happens with Ryan – and Aaron in the show – too.”

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