Series Producer Iain MacLeod has revealed that Robert Sugden and his scheming will lead to a ‘surprising’ exit for the White family. Speaking at a press event where he teased some Emmerdale spoilers, the soap boss revealed that there are some surprise twists on the horizon which leads to the climax of their story.

Emmerdale Spoilers White exit
Robert Sudgen’s schemes will lead to the White family departing

We’ve known for months that certain members of the White family are set to depart from Emmerdale (but not all of them) after actor John Bowe, who plays Lawrence White, revealed on Twitter that he had been axed. Rumours followed that Louise Marwood (Chrissie White) and Thomas Atkinson (Lachlan White) were also set to exit but this is still yet to be confirmed by Emmerdale. However, we now know Robert Sugden will be involved.

Iain said that the story will bring about redemption for Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) in the wake of some of his actions. Viewers have been watching Robert scheme against the White family, plotting at Home Farm in order to get his hands on the estate and his methods have ranged from drugging and blackmail, right through to making confused Lawrence think that he has slept with him.

“The exit storyline emerges from what Robert is doing now on screen – it will be big, dramatic and hopefully quite surprising and out of the blue. It’s part of an ultimate redemption story for Robert where he feels like he has hit rock bottom in terms of the dastardly things he has done over the years. He is determined to start to live and deal with things a bit differently.”

What’s been the most confusing for fans is, following on from his shooting in 2015, Robert seem to have already gone through a form of redemption, especially given his support and involvement in Aaron Dingle’s abuse storyline – and given Iain has already said that the Christmas day episode will be very Robron focussed with a second wedding to follow in the summer, it begs the question… ‘What was the point?’


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