Emmerdale’s Summer Affair!

Emmerdale’s big summer affair kicks off next week when Nate Robinson kisses Moira Dingle – but will her husband Cain catch them in a lip lock? Natalie J Robb talks the return of ‘Mucky Moira’.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Nate kisses Moira Dingle - will Cain catch them?
Mon 22 July 2019: After rebuking Nate for his behaviour, Moira gives into temptation and pulls him in for a kiss. Is Cain about to witness his wife cheating on him?

Farmhand Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) has made no secret that he fancies his chances with married boss Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb) – and Emmerdale producers have already spoiling when the affair will be revealed before its even started.

But is starts in earnest next week when Nate pulls Moira in for a kiss when they are working together in the barn. How convenient that Nate happens to be shirtless at the time?!?!

“Nate’s a very attractive man,” explains actress Natalie J Robb who plays Moira Dingle. “But that wouldn’t be the only thing that sings it for Moira. Although the more things go on the way they are with Cain, the more tempted she becomes…

“Yes, Nate just keeps turning up at the house and taking showers but just because a man takes his top off, it doesn’t mean she has to have sex with him! She realises that Nate is game, yet there’s still something about him that she’s connected to without really knowing why.”

The week begins with Nate encouraging girlfriend Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) to seek custody of her and Cain’s son Kyle. When Amy sees another frosty exchange between Moira and Cain, Amy starts to think Nate has got a point. Stirring the situation, Nate is ready to do whatever it takes to get one over on Cain – but why?

The next day, Nate is pleased to see things are still tense between Cain and Moira, although Amy is dreading telling Cain about her bid for custody of Kyle.

“Moira’s head is not easily turned,” adds Natalie. “There’s not an instant attraction between her and Nate, it’s something that has developed. Moira’s feeling neglected by Cain, and she’s running the farm like a little trojan, which is all a bit tiring, and also annoying. She’s still a strong independent woman but Moira has needs!

No wonder Moira is wary to be working alongside (shirtless) Nate in the barn whereas Nate is pleased to see he has Moira rattled, as she tries to convince him she feels nothing for him.

At the Woolpack, Cain is eager to get back to the farm and prove himself to Moira after yet another bust up. But back at the farm, after rebuking Nate for his behaviour, Moira gives into temptation when Nate pulls her in for a kiss.

As Cain heads back to the farm, will he witness his wife cheating on him with the farmhand? It’s not like she hasn’t got form!

“Moira’s been doing everything she can to keep her family strong,” explains Natalie. “And she can understand the guilt Cain felt while thinking he killed Joe Tate (Ned Porteous), because she went through that herself when she killed Emma Barton (Gillian Kearney). But Cain goes into himself, as he does, and neglects her emotionally. She reckons there’s a lack of respect in their relationship, and that’s when she might start to feel as if she needs something else.”

Something else in the form of young farmhand Nate? ‘Mucky Moira’ has always had a thing for younger men – Alex Moss, Pete Barton. What’s so special about this one?

“He’s been helping Moira and empathising,” answers Natalie. “He can identify the cracks between her and Cain, and I think he’s been playing on that a little bit. But there is also chemistry between Nate and Moira, and that frisson makes her think…”

Have to be honest, we’re not really seeing that chemistry on-screen at the mo and we can’t shake the feeling there’s more to Nate than a buff body. It’s almost like he’s targeting Cain’s family – getting Amy to try and take Kyle away, going after Moira Dingle to take Cain’s wife away… Our soapie senses are on high alert and we sympathise with #Coira fans given we’ve barely had 18 months of Cain and Moira back together.

And there’s three months of this to come. Let’s remember the good times…

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