Emmerdale’s Nate in danger? #Coira

Farmhand Nate made it his mission to bed his boss Moira Dingle but it could be the biggest mistake he ever made when her husband Cain finds out with explosive results. Emmerdale actor Jurell Carter reveals all…


Emmerdale Spoilers: Nate can hold his own against Cain says actor Jurell Carter
Tues 22 Oct 2019 – HOUR LONG: As Cain and Nate fight, a petrol canister has been leaking on the deck…

Nate Robinson made no secret of his wandering eye when it comes to the ladies in Emmerdale – he slept with most of them in the first fortnight. But he soon had Moira Dingle in his sights and made it his mission to bed his boss. Now their affair is set to be exposed by Moira’s husband Cain with explosive results. Actor Jurell Carter explains all…

Having it away with Moira… Nate is really brave – or really stupid! What is he doing?
“I think he’s a bit of both. From the first time he saw Moira, he was instantly attracted to her because she’s a very attractive woman both physically and mentally. She’s not only very pleasing on the eye but she’s also very strong willed. But at the same time, going in between a married couple – that’s a massive mistake. He is very stupid but I do think there is genuine feeling there. It began with lust but it’s turned into much more than that.”

How genuine are Nate’s feelings toward Moira, has he fallen for her?
“Yes, he has fallen for her. Nate’s a young ‘jack the lad’ type of guy and has instantly been attracted to her but as time’s gone on and he’s seen her traits and got to know who she is as a person, he’s really fallen for her.”

How much does he know about Cain and his dangerous side?
“Nate came in as a farmhand and didn’t really know much about Cain. He didn’t know about his reputation and even if he did, part of me thinks he would still go there because Nate’s a very brave and strong character himself. No one is a threat to him, he’s attracted to Moira and that’s that.”

Nate and Moira find themselves on a very small boat with Cain. Can you tell us how that comes about?
“Initially, Moira and Cain were meant to be going to an agricultural farming show. But when Faith tells Cain that Moira’s been cheating with Pete, Cain says that Moira and Nate should go instead because (unbeknownst to them) he has plans to attack Pete. When Pete gives the game away and tells Cain it was Nate. Cain turns up at the hotel that he’d initially booked for himself and Moira, and surprises them by saying ‘you know what, forget the agricultural show, let’s go for a fishing trip.’ Being street-wise, Nate is suspicious and senses something’s a bit weird, but doesn’t quite know what yet.”

Emmerdale Spoilers: Nate can hold his own against Cain says actor Jurell Carter
Tues 22 Oct 2019 – HOUR LONG: Cain coerces Moira and Nate into his car and soon they pull up at a lakeside pier – they are taking a fishing trip!

What happens once they’re on there?
“Moira’s cooking downstairs in the cabin and Nate and Cain are having a little beer together on the boat. They haven’t really had any friendly encounters before – definitely no trips or activities together – so it is a bit of a weird one. There’s a great scene where Cain’s telling Nate’s the ins and outs of his and Moira’s relationship. Nate eventually snaps and tells Cain straight up, I’ve slept with your wife and goes in to detail. It’s very twisted, very explosive.”

There’s a vicious fight on board. How well can Nate handle himself?
“Nate is a big guy. Cain is very strong as well, which everyone knows, they know his reputation but Nate can hold his own. He’s physically big plus he’s mentally a strong character and very streetwise. He’s a great match for Cain and those two coming to a head, it’s going to be a great watch.”

The fight ends with a huge explosion. What was it like to film that?
“It was amazing. I love shooting at the studio and the village, but shooting on a beautiful lake with all the scenery, it was just amazing. It felt like we were shooting a different type of drama. I loved doing the stunts. Jeff and I are not small people and doing so many movements on such a small boat (through the fighting), Jeff fell in the water in one scene. But he soldiered on like it didn’t even happen! My stunt double was a really nice guy, he coached me to make me feel comfortable so it was all believable. These stunt guys have huge experience, even having a bit of their knowledge was great.”

Emmerdale Spoilers: Nate can hold his own against Cain says actor Jurell Carter
Nate is suspicious when Cain gets him and Moira on the boat

There are scenes in the lake too….   how were they?
“Nate can’t swim and I’ve only just learnt how to swim. When I saw the lake, it was terrifying but my swimming instructor eased me into it. It was so cold when I first got in, but when I warmed up it wasn’t too bad. When we shot the scenes a bit further out into the lake and I knew how deep it was so I got a bit nervous, but having the cast and crew around me made me feel comfortable and I really enjoyed it. When I finished, I felt quite accomplished.    I look back and think these scenes was the nudge I needed to learn to swim. And the fact that I can swim now, I feel very grateful. I feel grateful for all of it.”

You’ve been in Emmerdale for six months now, how have you found it?
“It’s gone so fast and at times I still feel like a new kid at a new school, but I’m so grateful. Before I started at Emmerdale, I’d been watching cast interviews and they were saying how wonderful it is and how nice everyone is and I wasn’t sure how true it was, but being here and experiencing it for myself and the amazing people I work with, not just the cast but the crew and everyone else too.  It’s such an amazing place to work and I’m grateful because I’m learning a lot. Every day I’m learning. I know that sounds like a cliche, but it’s amazing, proper amazing.”

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