Emmerdale’s Moira Dingle & Rhona Goskirk join forces!

Emmerdale has brought together two of its strongest women Rhona Goskirk and Moira Dingle to join forces as they become business partners. Actress Zoe Henry tells all…

Emmerdale Spoilers: Moira Dingle and Rhona Goskirk in business! Zoe Henry interview.
Mon 30 Mar 2020: The pair open up to each other with Rhona telling Moira how tough the last few months have been.

Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) and Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb) have well and truly been put through the Emmerdale mill in recent years so viewers have been thrilled to see them join forces to fight back.

This new friendship looks set to bring out the best in both characters as they’ve already started their first battle with no other than Kim Tate (Claire King)..

In an exclusive interview with Metro Soaps Newsletter, actress Zoe Henry couldn’t have been happier to be working with Natalie J Robb on the scenes – and reckons that the characters will be more than a match for spiteful Kim!

Zoe Henry said: “I’m definitely pleased to be having more scenes with Natalie J Robb, I think she is one of Emmerdale’s greatest assets and she is such a dream to work with!

“Rhona and Moria were actually buddies way back when but sometimes things move on and get forgotten about so it’s great to rekindle their friendship and what a team eh? Moria’s had a tough time of things in the 10 years that she has lived in Emmerdale but then, so has Rhona!

Emmerdale Spoilers: Moira Dingle and Rhona Goskirk in business! Zoe Henry interview.
Wed 1 Apr 2020: Rhona Goskirk offers to use the money to go into business with Moira Dingle but sets a condition that will honour Graham’s legacy.

“They will be a great support to each other, I think. Both are currently delicate and fragile, this is a welcome union. Strong girls together! It not just the appeal of it, it’s a condition of the deal! Rhona says “Let’s be better than Kim”. She sees Kim as competition and she will do whatever it takes to make Butlers better than Wylies! To make it a success!

“The final straw was Kim having Graham’s funeral on her own, denying Rhona the chance to say goodbye – hell hath no fury – this is war now! Moria and Rhona are a force to be reckoned with -put it this way, I wouldn’t like to go up against them!

“Personally I’m thrilled to see two strong female characters standing together as opposed to at each other’s throats. I had high hopes for Rhona and Kim for the same reasons but that went pear-shaped as we know!

“But Moira and Rhona are better suited as pals I think and its great, less of a soap clichè, no back-stabbing, just an honest friendship. And of course, as I’ve already said, Nat is just a dream to work with.

“We’ve been dressing room buddies for the whole 10 years I’ve been back and so our real friendship and closeness lends itself to us having a great shorthand on set I think! Well, put it this way, we had eight two-hander scenes to shoot back to back recently and we managed to shoot them all by lunchtime. We were pretty pleased with ourselves!”

Now that Pierce Harris is behind bars for killing Graham Foster, Rhona and Moira can now make something out of what he has left, allowing Rhona to begin healing, reckons Zoe.

Zoe Henry added: “Knowing the truth about Graham’s demise definitely offers closure for Rhona, as I think it would for anyone. There was so much confusion and suspicion surrounding his murder and then of course the utter panic and fear she felt when she realised Pierce had been released from prison, all of that is behind her now, finally, she has clarity and can breath easy again.

“She is enormously relieved to have Marlon back too and for him to have his name cleared, not just for Leo’s sake but because he is her great friend and an enormous support to her.”

Fans are already speculating that Rhona and Moira’s friendship could turn to romance – after all Rhona did have a brief flight with best friend Vanesa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick). Could #Rhora be the next soap super couple. They’ve more chemistry that Priya and Al that’s for sure!

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Emmerdale Spoilers: Moira Dingle and Rhona Goskirk in business! Zoe Henry interview.

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