Emmerdale Villagers Fight for Their Lives!!

Kerry and Amy Wyatt are in hot water when their actions spark a chain of events that leaves the Sharma’s sweet factory on fire and Emmerdale villagers fighting for their lives!

Emmerdale Spoilers: Kerry and Amy Wyatt burn down the Sharma's factory
Emmerdale – Kerry and Amy Wyatt start the fire at the factory

Mother and daughter Kerry and Amy Wyatt have got into some scrapes in the past in Emmerdale but this time, it’s serious. The pair accidentally cause the Sharma’s sweet factory to burn to the ground as they try to cover up robbing the safe!

Trouble starts when someone from Amy’s past arrives in the village. It turns out Amy left Ireland owing someone money – and they want it back or they’re threatening to destroy Amy’s world! It’s the last thing Amy needs as she is trying to finalise a residency agreement for her son Kyle.

Tues 30 July 2019 – 2nd Ep: An oblivious Kerry Wyatt thinks she’s being helpful by bringing Amy’s solicitor to her, but Karen (the solicitor) demands that Amy Wyatt pay back the money she owes. If not, she’ll go to the police, ruining her chances with Kyle.

“We’re going to discover why Amy was working in the refuge centre in Ireland,” actress Natalie Ann Jamieson, who plays the troubled mum, explained at a recent press event. “Amy got into a lot of debt thanks to her ex-partner, and their relationship wasn’t smooth at all. He asked her to take out a loan, and she did – and now there’s a woman who’s chasing her down for it.”

When Kerry finds out about Amy’s troubles, she sees it as a way to get back into her daughter’s good books and promises to find the money she needs. Desperate to get the money they need as soon as possible, Kerry’s thoughts turn to the money raised from the Wild West fundraiser that are currently residing in the factory safe.

“Kerry thinks the answer is to be a good mum and to solve Amy’s problem,” adds Laura Norton, who plays Kerry Wyatt. “Rishi Sharma (Bhasker Patel) is storing the money from Bernice Blackstock’s event in the factory safe. Although Kerry doesn’t go looking for the money, it happens to be right in her eye line when she and Amy need cash. So, she goes for it!”

Before long, she’s setting off the fire alarm and stealing the cash from the safe whilst no one else is there.

“But then Amy tells her that she’s probably been caught on CCTV, so they try to return it,” explains Laura. “Unbeknown to them, because of something they do while they’re there, sparks go wild and a fire is started.”

“It’s charity money, so Amy’s cross with Kerry – but at the same time, she can see why Kerry has done this,” insists Natalie Ann. “Against her better judgement, Amy goes with the idea that at the eleventh hour, they could put the money back in the safe. Then she sees the CCTV and thinks: ‘We could just get rid of the evidence and take the money – then it will all be fine, fingers crossed!'”

Emmerdale Spoilers: Kerry and Amy Wyatt burn down the Sharma's factory
Emmerdale – Kerry and Amy Wyatt realise what they’ve done

Outside the Village Hall, Amy hands over the money she owes, and she and Kerry walk away together, hopeful the nightmare is over. But back at the factory, the fire begins to spread caused by the sabotaged CCTV system.

However, what Kerry and Amy Wyatt don’t know if that Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) is locked in the storeroom, where she had arranged to meet Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle), desperately trying to get out. Soon, the villagers are rushing to the scene. The fire rages and the next day, the Fire Investigators and the police sort through the ruins left by the fire.

“In the moment, they make a really bad decision,” admits Laura. “It’s going to have huge consequences. The only thing they can hang on to is that they didn’t cause the fire intentionally, it was just an accident. Ridiculous as it sounds, they were doing this for the right reasons.”

Jai is determined to get to the truth. Back at the Woolpack, Kerry is sure that she and Amy aren’t to blame for the fire, and Amy desperately hopes she’s right.

“They both go into survival mode,” Laura tells the press. “It all gets way out of hand and Kerry thinks: “We’ve told a lie, but we now have to stick to it’. There’s no going back. The truth will come out eventually, but we don’t know when!”

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