More Emmerdale Secrets for Graham Foster?

What secret is Emmerdale’s new resident Andrea Tate hiding and how is she linked to Graham Foster. Actress Anna Nightingale in her first interview.

Emmerdale Spoilers: How is Andrea Tate mysteriously linked to Graham Foster?
Tues 11 June 2019: Graham Foster and Andrea Tate seem to know one another already but how?

When Andrea Tate arrived in Emmerdale it was enough of a shock for both husband Jamie (Alexander Lincoln), his mother Kim (Claire King) and the viewers but in true soap-style, the secrets don’t stop there as this week we discover Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale) has a history with Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) – one neither Kim or Jamie knows about!

As Graham returns from his enforced business trip to Brittany, he discovers there are some new residents at Home Farm by way of Jamie’s wife Andrea and daughter Millie. Clearly rattled, Graham grabs an anxious Andrea, demanding to know what she is doing there, revealing that they in fact know one another, and have an as yet unclear history together.

Actress and Emmerdale newcomer Anna Nightingale explains: “There’s a connection between Andrea Tate and Graham Foster. They already know each other, but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out how.

“Andrea knew that Graham was around, but although there could be repercussions, she just hopes that nothing is going to come to the surface.

Emmerdale Spoilers: How is Andrea Tate mysteriously linked to Graham Foster?
Tues 11 June 2019: Graham demands to know what Andrea is doing at Home Farm.

“In life, there’s always two sides of a story. Even if somebody has got something over you, there’s also a good chance that you’ve got something over them. But as we all know, Graham can be pretty terrifying.”

Andrea begs Graham not to tell Jamie before Kim laments to Graham that if she wants to keep Jamie in her life, she has to accept she’s stuck with Andrea.

She adds: “There’s nothing like bumping into somebody who you’ve not seen for a few years to put the wind up you a bit. The truth could turn Andrea’s world upside-down. It could change her past, present and future completely.”

Later, in the Village, an edgy Andrea questions Jamie about Graham, before heading back to Home Farm, readying herself to face him. When Andrea finally faces off against Graham, how does she know Graham and could he ruin everything for her?

Newcomer Anna is a longtime viewer of Emmerdale. “The Emmerdale soundtrack is the soundtrack to my childhood,” she tells Inside Soap magazine in her first interview.

“The show was always a staple in my household growing up. Both side of my family are from Yorkshire, so this role feels like a sort of homecoming and its really nice to be back.”

Emmerdale Spoilers: How is Andrea Tate mysteriously linked to Graham Foster?
Tues 11 June 2019: Graham and Andrea have an unclear history together. Are they friends or enemies?

Talking about Andrea’s arrival in Emmerdale and discovering husband Jame is back in the Tate fold at Home Farm, Anna said: “Andrea’s not at all happy. She knows that Kim’s been in prison and she’s worried.

“She knows she and Jamie are secure enough in their relationship to not let Kim manipulate them. But it is just that feeling of knowing what someone’s like, and being cautious.”

As for working with her new soap family including soap stalwart Claire King and actor Andrew Scarborough, Anna said: “Alex, Andrew and Claire have been incredible. Its a big deal coming into something like this, and they were all so relaxed. When I was growing up, I really admired Claire, and she’s absolutely lovely. She’s been so supportive and is such a fantastic actress. And we’re having fun!”

Given how she may be burning her bridges with her new family pretty soon, Andrea might find herself needing a few allies and Anna already has a few in mind.

“Strong women are attracted to strong women – and there’s loads of them in the village,” laughs Anna. “There are traits in Leyla, Tracy, Rhona and Priya that Andrea would have an affinity with, and there could be genuine friendships there. Andrea is a bit of a flirt, as well – but a harmless flirt! She loves her husband but she does like a little flirt…”

Anna is staying tightlipped on her on-screen alter-ego’s connection to Graham but she is ready to take on whatever the role throws at her, no matter how action packed.

“Doesn’t everyone love a bit of action?” she adds. “I’d love to be the heroine. You name it – fire, car crashes, frozen rivers – I’d love to be the person who jumps in! I want to be pushed as an actress and push Andrea as a character. I’ve already been way out of my comfort zone, but let’s keep expanding those boundaries.”

Find out Andrea and Graham’s connection on Emmerdale from Monday 10th June and every week night.


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