Emmerdale’s Frank Claytons Killers Revealed!!

Frank Clayton’s name is cleared in Emmerdale next week as daughters Tracy and Vanessa find out who was actually responsible for their dad’s death. Actress Michelle Hardwick reacts to their discovery of the true culprits.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Frank’s killers revealed. Actress Michelle Hardwick reacts to the culprits
Michelle Hardwick plays Emmerdale’s Vanessa Woodfield

Secrets never stay that way in Emmerdale so it was only a matter of time until sisters Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) and Vanessa Woodfield found out what really happened in the factory fire that saw their dad Frank Clayton (Michael Praed) accused of being a thief before being killed by the blast. As the truth is revealed, actress Michelle Hardwick explains how Vanessa reacts.

It’s the biggest shock I think she’s ever, ever had in her life,” explains Michelle. “She thought her dad had not only stolen the charity money and then been blown up, but she believed all the villagers saying Frank had stolen the money. Vanessa was saying ‘yeah, there’s no other explanation it must have been him because of his past, so I do get where she was coming from, as if he had never put a foot wrong then I don’t think she would have ever doubted him.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Frank’s killers revealed. Actress Michelle Hardwick reacts to the culprits
Mon 7 Oct 2019: Vanessa Woodfield and Charity Dingle try to ease Tracy Metcalfe’s guilty conscience.

“But to hear then, especially after her sister Tracy had stood by him and his innocence and everything – and you know that was tearing them apart as well – it comes as the biggest shock and she just feels gutted and hurt. To know that it was two people who had actually come into their lives a bit more, hers and Tracy’s, and tried to befriend them even more to ease their guilt, it is actually sickening…”

Whilst Vanessa has questioned Frank’s role in the theft of the fundraising money and factory fire, her sister Tracy has never wavered, believing there was more to Frank’s death than met the eye. So, will Vanessa feel bad having not supported Tracey over her quest to prove his innocence?

“Absolutely, because Tracey was just on at her all the time and Vanessa was just telling her to give it rest saying you’ve got to let it go, we’ll always love him whatever, he will always be our dad but we’ve got to move on and just accept the fact that he did this,” adds Michelle. “She feels awful and it was really putting a strain on them and Vanessa was seeing what it was doing to Tracy and knowing that’s all come from Kerry and Amy, Vanessa just goes wild!”

With Kerry in hospital, Amy goes back to the house to get her clothes and tells Charity and Vanessa that she’s going to go to the police about Tracy’s involvement in Kerry’s accident. Does Vanessa believe that she’s gonna do that?

“I don’t think so absolutely not,” shares Michelle. “Because if she went to the police about Tracy then it would all come out in the wash, and she would be putting herself and her mum right in the firing line. It would be ridiculous, so Vanessa just absolutely thinks that she is bluffing!”

The police do get involved though as, while at the hospital, Vanessa ends up having a row with Amy, accidently hits a nurse and ends up somehow getting arrested!

Emmerdale Spoilers: Frank’s killers revealed. Actress Michelle Hardwick reacts to the culprits
Tues 8 Oct 2019: Will Vanessa’s arrest lead to the police knowing the truth about Kerry and Amy?

Michelle explains: “Vanessa is at the hospital and having quite a steamy argument, raising her voice, and Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) is giving as good as she gets but understandably all Vanessa’s anger is coming out. A nurse comes in and says can you lower your voice please, as you would in a hospital, as there’s other patients but Vanessa doesn’t. She carries on as she’s just seeing red so the nurse goes to grab Vanessa’s arm to take her out of the room but Vanessa shrugs her off and says leave me alone I know how to walk but as she shrugs her off, the nurse loses her balance and falls into some equipment.  So, the nurse shouts for security, who come and gets Vanessa, take her out and ironically, she gets taken to the police station and is arrested.  Vanessa ends up in a prison cell overnight which as an actress, I loved filming as I’d never been on that set before so I got dead giddy that I was going to the prison.

The closest she’s been is when she’s been to wait for Charity (Emma Atkins) to come out, that’s Charity’s stomping ground not Vanessa’s so its all new to her. I filmed it and I was sat in this prison cell on my own. It was a nice bit of peace and quiet really, I know it sounds odd to say, but it was good fun filming those scenes. Obviously then the big question is Vanessa’s in the prison cell, does she spill? Does she spill the beans?”

The sisters find themselves in a ‘catch-22’ with no resolution. If they tell the police what Kerry and Amy have done, then mother and daughter in turn will point the finger at Tracy for hurting Kerry, with Frank still getting the blame for the Wyatt’s crimes.

“At the end of the day, they are walking around the village now knowing what they’ve done, and their dad is still getting the blame for it but what can they do because if they go the police to tell them what Kelly and Amy have done, then they are gonna turn around and say well look what Tracey’s done to Kerry…

“Kerry’s still in hospital and Vanessa especially is so scared about losing her sister,” adds Michelle. “She’s already lost her dad and she doesn’t want to lose Tracy to prison so they don’t know what to do but they know at the moment they can’t say anything. What a predicament to be in! They know this information but they’re seeing the rest of the villagers still talking about their dad like he’s the ultimate criminal for stealing the charity money but yet they know the truth and they can’t do anything about it!”

Given they can’t go to the police, does this mean that the scorned sister will take the punishment into their own hands?

“Well, they are two quite hot-headed sisters, maybe one more so than the other, but then again, I think they are both quite hot headed, so I think they will absolutely want to take matters into their own hands,” teases Michelle. “I’m thinking that maybe Vanessa being the bigger older maybe slightly wiser sister will try to calm it done but being in that situation, what the heck would you do? But if they are gonna have to live in that same village, as those two, that’s if Kerry comes through this, it would be a hard thing to keep quiet. It’s a small village as you know and bumping into each other in the café, shop, pub knowing that information how are they gonna look each other in the eye? But also, how are Kerry and Amy gonna live their lives as well?”

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