Emmerdale’s Faith Dingle in Love Triangle!

Faith Dingle has been turning heads since the minute she arrived in Emmerdale but none more so than Eric Pollard. But with her relationship on the line, actress Sally Dexter explains why she thinks Faith should fight for her man!

Emmerdale Spoilers: Faith Dingle should fight for Eric Pollard says Sally Dexter
Sally Dexter as Faith Dingle in Emmerdale

It was going to take someone larger than life to fill the void that Valerie Pollard (Charlie Hardwick) left in Eric Pollard‘s life. And in walks Faith Dingle! After months of happiness, Faith, played by the amazing Sally Dexter and Eric (Chris Chittell) are about to be tested…

Although Pollard loves Faith, nearly as much as the viewers, no one is on her side more than the actress who plays her – Sally Dexter.

“She can handle her drink a lot better that I can – I’m rubbish!” Sally laughs as she chats to Inside Soap magazine. “Playing Faith is a great way of discovering what it’s like to be an outgoing party girl. She’s fabulous!”

As fabulous as Faith is, she isn’t without flaws and feeling neglected by Pollard she found herself in a lip lock with Paddy’s dad and former wrestler Bear Wolf (Joshua Richards). While Bear is very keen to dive into something hot and heavy with Faith, she is not having any of it and vows that she’s a one-woman man – and Eric Pollard is the one for her.

“In many ways I think that Faith and Pollard are a smashing match,” explains Sally. “They get along great, they make each other smile – and he can give Faith the finer things in life that she enjoys! With Bear, I don’t think she’ll ever be tempted, but Faith does like him. She sees him as quite a vulnerable chap, so I reckon that Faith sees herself as more of a big sister, making sure that he’s all right.”

Emmerdale Spoilers: Faith Dingle should fight for Eric Pollard says Sally Dexter
Tues 2 July 2019 – 7pm: Faith attempts to seduce Pollard, but will she win him round?

Faith and Bear were as thick as thieves when they found the results of Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) and Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brint) and their baby scan, with Bear revealing the gender to Faith – against their children’s wishes. And of course, being Emmerdale when Chas and Paddy found out what Faith and Bear had done. they weren’t happy. Understandable, considering they’d told Faith and Bear they did not want to know if they were having a boy or a girl. 

In retaliation, Chas reveals to Pollard that Faith is cheating on him with Bear. And while she’s not having a full blown affair, Faith does admit to the kiss which rocks Eric to his core.

“Well, Pollard – in a fit of jealous rage – leaps into the middle of the ring and challenges Bear to a duel!” adds Sally. “It’s appalling for everybody, particularly Faith, who doesn’t want to see Pollard pulverised. She wants to save him from an ignominious defeat!”

With his pride hurt, Eric goes into self-protect mode and promptly throws Faith and her belongings out. But Faith isn’t giving up on her man that easily. 

“It’s a low moment when Eric dumps all her stuff – and there’s a fair amount of it – on Debbie’s doorstep,” explains Sally. “Faith feels very down, but determined that she will win him back. She dresses up to the nines like nobody other than Faith can – and goes all out to woo him. She’s a braver woman than me – and a braver dresser!”

Can Faith win Eric back and make #Feric whole again or is that the end for another Emmerdale fan-favourite couple? We’ll have to wait and see as the drama unfolds onscreen.

Since joining Emmerdale in 2017 to play Chas and Cain’s estranged mum, Faith has shown many sides to her character, from the reveal of her double mastectomy to pushing Kim Tate  over a balcony into a table of Champagne. Viewers have taken her into their hearts, voting her Newcomer of the Year in The Emmerdaily Birthday Honours 2018. Sally’s delighted that viewers have taken the Dingle clan’s most glamorous granny into their hearts.

“I think the audience feels the same way as I do about Faith – she’s just great fun to have around,” adds Sally. “It’s an instant party when she’s on!”

See if Faith can win back her man on Emmerdale on ITV every week night at 7pm, with additional episodes on Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm.

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