Emmerdale New Baby Born (in the loo!)

It’s panic stations when Chas Dingle goes into labour in the Woolpack loo in Emmerdale. Actress Lucy Pargeter explains why…

Chas Dingle goes into labour in the Woolpack loo

One of Emmerdale’s most heartbreaking stories last year was Chas Dingle and Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) losing baby Grace minutes after she was born. So its not surprising Chas is nervous when she goes into labour in the Woolpack’s gents toilet with only Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) for help. Actress Lucy Pargeter shares her thoughts on Chas’ baby fears.

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Can you tell us about what happens when Chas goes in to labour?
“It is the opening of the Woolpack, it’s been closed down for a while due to some dry rot. Charity’s got stuck on the motorway somewhere because she’s put the wrong fuel in her car, Paddy can’t be located, everyone’s running around like headless chickens. Chas should be on maternity leave but of course she’s the one trying to get everything up and running. She’s questioning Marlon because she can’t find Paddy and he runs off in to the men’s loos to avoid her. Chas follows him and unbeknownst to him, there’s something wrong with the door and they can’t get out. Initially they’re joking around, then her waters go and they’re stuck.

“She’s a bit afraid because she’s been having pains but she thought it was all stress. Paddy’s not there with her, she really wanted Paddy to be there and she also wanted to be in a hospital because of what happened with Grace. It looks like she’s going to be stuck there with Marlon who’s not the biggest help in the world. He’s slightly panicking himself, so it’s not the best situation and things progress quite quickly.”

Marlon is locked in the gents with Chas during her labour

How does she feel about it being Marlon who ends up being with her during labour? Is he a good birthing partner?
“He starts off a bit flaky and panicky as any man would be, but as time goes on Marlon realises people are on the other side of the door as well. It gives him strength and he does what a cousin would do – he loves Chas, they’ve got a great relationship – and he gets it in his head that he’s there for her, they can do it and he’s a calming influence on her.”

How have she and Paddy been feeling in the run up to the birth?
“Fine really. They haven’t really had much focus on the birth, apart from Paddy wanting to go to ante-natal classes. Chas very much not wanting to, only because of the questions she might be asked by the other mums, she feels like she’ll have to bring up what happened to Grace. She’s a bit dubious of it. She’s given birth to Grace before and don’t want to relive it in that sort of room with people around her. But Paddy and Chas have been absolutely fine, there hasn’t been much scare-mongering, just anticipation knowing that it’s going to happen.”

With everything that has been going on with Robert, how worried is Chas about Aaron at this stage? Has that fed into her mood at all?
“She’s worried about his state of mind, she’s worried about what could happen to Aaron, as in his self harming or his depression or going off the rails. That’s always in the background. She’s offered her help, she’s tried to be strong and said right get over him you need to move forward and try to be there for him, so she’s quite concerned about his mental state.”

What sort of a mum do you think Chas will be to the baby? A different than the one she was to Grace? More fearful?
“A little more fearful, more wanting her baby monitor next to her constantly and maybe a movement pad underneath and a breathing thing on her and I think she will be by her side every minute that she can. She’s starting back to work straight away so the baby will be with her behind the bar. Like any mum, that paranoia of I’ve got to keep looking at her and waking her up and checking on her, but they know that there’s nothing physically wrong with the baby. She’s going to be slightly more paranoid but hopefully as the months go on, they settle in to parenthood and things will calm down a bit.”

Will Paddy get there in time for the birth of his child?

How would describe Paddy and Chas’s relationship currently? How ruffled are Chas’s feathers by Mandy’s arrival?
“Brilliant, I think it’s great. Mandy has turned up, but she and Chas are getting on OK. From the very beginning Chas says “you look at him the wrong way and I’ll rip your head off and spit down your neck”. I love that line! She’s set her stall out and when Mandy goes to the ante-natal class with Paddy, Chas doesn’t really get angry. Mandy’s always going to be there in the background but I don’t think Chas feels threatened by her at this point because they’re starting afresh and are just about to have this baby. Everything that happened last year is hopefully going to be made more palatable by the arrival of this new baby and hopefully can only make them stronger.”

You’ve had quite a lot of scenes with Mandy. What has it been like working with Lisa since she’s returned?
“Lisa’s been amazing. She’s obsessed with the show as in she’s watching it and she knows what’s happening. She’s professional, she turns up and not only knows her lines, she knows everybody else’s lines. She’s brilliant on set, she’s got loads of energy.

“Dominic said before she started ‘you two are either get on like a house on fire or absolutely hate each other’ and thankfully we get on really well. I think she’s brilliant. She’s hilarious and she’s just full of energy and excitement.”

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