Cain Dingle finally finds out about his wife Moira’s affair with farmhand Nate Robinson next week with explosive results. Actor Jeff Hordley reveals Cain’s devastation.

Tues 22 Oct 2019 – HOUR LONG: Cain coerces Moira and Nate into his car and soon they pull up at a lakeside pier – they are taking a fishing trip!

The only person more shocked than the viewers at Moira Dingle’s affair with farmhand Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) is Cain Dingle. #Coira has never had it easy but put two of Emmerdale’s feistiest characters together and what do you expect? Despite their frequent rows and dalliances with theft, violence and even murder, they love each other. So when Cain finds out that Moira (Natalie J Robb) has betrayed him, the results are explosive. Actor Jeff Hordley, who plays Cain Dingle, reveals all…

This week Cain Dingle learns Moira is having an affair – is it a shock to him?
“It is so out of the blue, he can’t believe it.  It’s just so unbelievable to him.”

It is Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter) who tells him Moira is having an affair – what is his first reaction?  Is he angry with her – the messenger?
“It is one of disbelief initially as he’s told it is with Pete Barton (Anthony Quinlan) and he just can’t believe she would do that with Pete again. So he goes from disbelief to trying to work it out.   Then he starts berating Faith – saying ‘why did it have to be you that told me’. Put it this way, he is not happy it’s her.”

So what he does next?
“He and Moira are meant to be going to an agricultural show together to have a bit of time with each other and to help with work that she has. It is also to have a night away together. But then he drops the bombshell he is not going, as secretly he wants to speak to Pete, he says it’s to do with Chas (Lucy Pargeter) having her baby but really it’s to sort Pete out. So in his infinite wisdom, Cain decides he should get Moira out of the way whilst he deals with Pete. Moira has said she needs someone to go with her to help with the work and she suggests Pete but Cain says she can’t take him so instead he suggests Nate. He’s not got a clue! So he sends Nate and Moria off to the show, little does he know what he’s actually doing.”

Mon 21 Oct 2019: An oblivious Pete Barton heads up to the farm and walks into Cain Dingle’s trap, who promptly knocked him unconscious.

How does Cain get Pete up the farm – what is the trap he sets?
“He tells Pete he needs him to stay on and do something for him so he gets him back to the farm house and when he is there he literally punches him, knocks him out and then ties him up in a chair to extrapolate the truth out of him.”

How angry is Cain at this point?
“He is absolutely furious and he intends to do some serious damage to Pete.”

How does Pete react?
“Pete is scared of what Cain is going to do, but he is also trying not to drop Moira in it. But in the end I think Cain pushes him so far that he has to go ‘look it’s not me it’s Nate!!’”

Is it a penny dropping moment when Cain hears it is Nate whom she is having the affair with?
“Actually it is not a penny dropping moment. I think it is even more shocking than the Pete thing, as to him Nate is just some mid-twenties farm hand who works for Moira – not some threat to his marriage.”

Cain must be very angry, how does he prepare to take exacting revenge on Nate and Moira?
“We see at the end of an episode Cain shutting a barn door and the audience are left not knowing what he’s done but then you see next that he’s got fuel in the boot of his car so I think you will wonder what he’s up to.

Cain goes to meet Moira and Nate at the hotel.  Is it obvious he’s simmering?
“When Nate and Moira see Cain turn up at the hotel unannounced, I think they are a little shocked at first but he’s playing it down.  He cajoles them with smiles and by acting really normally. So there is not anything that they would pick up on or see red warning lights about. He’s very clever in the way he gets them into the car and takes them to the boat and casually says ‘Oh come on, I’ve paid for it for the day’ it’s all very throw away, relaxed and matter of fact but I think they are both wondering if he knows or not.  They are trying to work it out  ‘if it is genuine or not?’ He does a good blag!”

Tues 22 Oct 2019 – HOUR LONG: Once on board, Cain takes Nate to task, who reveals he has been having an affair with his wife.

When they are on the boat it gets heated doesn’t it as they fight it out? They are both fairly equally matched, so this could go to the death surely?
“Nate is younger, fitter, stronger, taller but they are fairly equally matched as Cain is very fired up – he finds this inner strength to exact his anger and his frustrations certainly come out.

“I can say that trouble on the boat certainly happens and Moira gets caught up in it too.”

Did you do any of the fighting or was it all stunt doubles
“Jurell and I did the whole fight sequence in the end, which was great. As did the stunt doubles. But I think the director will take different shots from each to tell the story using some of us and some shots of them. I know Jurell was really keen to do the fight, as I was. But the most important thing is you have to listen to the director and stunt coordinator who ultimately decide what we can do. We did in fact do the whole sequence and it was great fun to do. Jurell is such fun to work with. He’s got a great professional attitude towards work and he is an absolute joy.”

Did you see the boat explosion when it was filmed – was it big?
“We saw the explosion on the Monday morning, it was the first day of the whole shoot and the first scene we shot at the lake. It was spectacular. They shot the explosion from various angles and with a drone from above. The above shot is absolutely fantastic. As a whole sequence with all the stunts and with the explosion cut together, I think it is going to be really exciting and dynamic and beautiful to watch.”

Tues 22 Oct 2019 – HOUR LONG: Soon a huge explosion rips through the boat, threatening to kill those on board. Who will survive?

Is it nice when the toys come out…special effects, explosions, stunt people?
“I am just thrilled, not only to be working on the show, but to be given the opportunity to do the high octane stunts and sequences such as underwater and diving it is a real thrill.

“Filming like this is exciting as you step outside your normal limits and push yourself. It then becomes a great sense of achievement.”

You filmed some underwater scenes in a tank. Was it dark or could you see what you were doing?
“I was very anxious about the underwater sequence to begin with, but once I had acclimatised to the surroundings and being in a water tank it was better. Personally I love snorkelling, going under water and seeing marine life when I’m on holiday but this was a bit different. I had never used a diving regulator before, so that was new.

“The other big thing for me, that made the whole experience more difficult and challenging, was obviously you have to do the whole thing without goggles or a mask so your visibility goes from seeing fully to about 15 percent. I could literally only just see a hand if it was really near my face, so that was a bit daunting.  When the person moved away I could just about make out a distant figure in the water. It was funny as the director David would say ‘I need you to go camera left or camera right’  but I couldn’t even see the frogman or Mark the camera man and his camera. So that is how blurred it was.”

Did you film scenes in the lake if so how was it?
“I was in the lake for half a day – it was cold, but great fun as well.  I had a wetsuit on under my costume so it just gave us that little bit of extra warmth. It has been a really fun shoot, it is like we have done our own little one act play so it’s been really intense but incredible fun!

Are you looking forward to seeing the finished episodes?
“Very much so, I’m looking forward to seeing these episodes. The team seem really pleased with what we have got on camera. In my experience, when you see the team getting excited then obviously the finished article should be good.”

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