Emmerdale’s Billy Fletcher Interview!

Billy Fletcher finds himself in danger of ending up back behind bars in Emmerdale after getting on the wrong side of DI Malone, explains actor Jay Kontzle.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Billy Fletcher in danger! Jay Kontzle interview
Mon 6 Apr 2020: Billy is arrested on suspicion of assault after being set up by Malone.

Since he got out of prison, Billy Fletcher has tried to keep on the straight and narrow, but the arrival of DI Malone could see Billy end up back behind bars. After discovering that Billy and Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) were keeping his 4×4 as an insurance policy prior to its discovery, an angry DI Malone (Mark Womack) discovers seeks revenge by having the young man set-up and arrested for something he didn’t do.

Malone is livid when he discovers the 4×4 burnt out by the side of the road as it puts his dodgy dealings at risk if he is exposed. However, it wasn’t Billy Fletcher or Cain Dingle who set the vehicle alight but Malone’s former stooge Will Taylor (Dean Andrews), after Billy told him its whereabouts.

“It’s a huge worry for Billy,” explains actor Jay Kontzle. “It’s a lot of stress on his head. Billy is really concerned about Dawn’s family, and making sure Dawn (Olivia Bromley) and Lucas are safe, as — obviously — this puts them in the firing line.

Mon 6 Apr 2020: Malone quietly seethes when the police discover his 4×4 smoldering in a field worried as it could potentially lead to him being found out.

“He’s definitely worried about the consequences. He’s already had a few run-ins with the law since coming to the village, so his major worry is that he’ll go back to prison again as he knows it’ll be a long stretch given the time he’s done before.

‘He’s worried he might lose it all, as he’s spent all this time trying to get back on the right path.

When Malone finds out that Billy and Cain were keeping the vehicle as leverage to use against him, he sets out to get revenge as Billy feared. He gets his dodgy coppers to set Billy up and arrest him for a crime he didn’t commit in order to show him who’s in charge.

However, Malone issues an ultimatum, which leaves Billy with an interesting dilemma on his hands.

Jay added: “Billy Fletcher is definitely worried about what’s going to happen next. He’s worried about if everyone is safe but, at the same time, is he going to have to take the fall for someone else, and put himself in a position where he doesn’t want to be?

“He’s left in a predicament of: is it him or someone else? That’s his major worry — is he going to be left in this position?”

The dilemma itself — not to mention what happens next — has yet to be revealed, but will it lead to more trouble for Billy?

“I don’t think Billy can get away from trouble, to be honest,” Jay concluded.

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