Belle Dingle finally sees the true colours of boyfriend Lachlan White as he admits to his murderous crimes – but will his girlfriend be his next victim. Emmerdale actress Eden Taylor-Draper tells all…

Emmerdale Spoilers: Belle Dingle finds out Lachlan White is a serial killer!
Wed 5 Sept 2018: Belle Dingle’s life is also in danger as Lachlan White orders her to leave with him.

Lachlan White’s days are numbered… how do we know this? Firstly its September so with ‘Super Soap Week’ on the horizon, its only a matter of time till the teenager serial killer is captured or killed off! And secondly, girlfriend Belle Dingle finds out what her boyfriend has been up to!

Robert Sugden and Priya Kotecha are growing more suspicious of him and then poor Sam Dingle finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, discovering just how dark Lachlan can be.

When Belle Dingle finds Sam’s bloody jacket in the house, a monumental showdown with Lachlan ensues and she pleads with him to tell her where Sam is. When a panicked Belle bolts for the door though a struggle breaks out between the two and Lachlan pulls her back roughly.  At this point Belle pleads with Lachlan to let her see her brother but when she discovers a seemingly lifeless Sam on the floor she’s left fearful and distraught. Is he still alive? Will Lachlan kill her next?

As the realisation hits, Belle’s life is in real danger as Lachlan forces her to leave with him.  When we next see Belle, she is hurt and lying in the road but how did she get there and would Lachlan really kill the love of his life?

Emmerdale actress Eden Taylor Draper, who plays Belle Dingle, teases how the story unfolds and what the future has in store for Lachlan and Belle as the truth is revealed…

How’s Belle been feeling about her relationship with Lachlan since returning from Granny Cleggs?
Positive, Lachlan has been a bit distracted, but they are looking forward to the next step in their relationship.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Belle Dingle finds out Lachlan White is a serial killer!
Mon 3 Sept 2018: Belle Dingle is caught in a waking nightmare when she spots a bloody jacket.

She’s looking forward to the future with Lachlan then? She doesn’t suspect anything is wrong at this point?
No, not until she’s cleaning up and she finds blood. Lachlan is not there, he had to step out, so she comes across his hoody and it’s drenched in blood. She is horrified and confronts him about it when he returns.

What does she think he’s up to if there is blood on his hoody?
He’s saying he cut himself but she is like there is so much blood on here, this cannot be you. It’s from then on it starts to unravel, he can’t control how he lies anymore and it all starts to come out.

Is this the week where it all unravels for Lachlan?
Yes, this is the most shocking we’ve seen him. We’ve never seen him confront what he’s ever done and say it out loud, so this is the first time he really mentally comes to terms with what he’s actually done.

Does Belle think he’s killed Sam?
She’s screaming at Lachlan saying why is there blood everywhere and he just calmly says “Sam was getting in the way”, she can’t comprehend it and he won’t tell her where Sam is.  It’s total panic. It’s very intense.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Belle Dingle finds out Lachlan White is a serial killer!
Tues 4 Sept 2018: Belle Dingle pleads with Lachlan White to let her see Sam Dingle.

Does she fear for her life?
Her head is just a mess. She adores Lachlan and it takes her quite a whole to process but at the same time there is blood on Lachlan’s hands, her brother is covered in blood. She knows she really has to play her cards right or she could be in grave danger.

Are you looking forward to see the climax of this story?
I’m so excited, it was so much fun to film and it is so dramatic. Literally everyone (on the street) is telling me to please get away from Lachlan, they are so concerned.

Will Belle feel the whole last year or two has been a complete lie?
She can’t comprehend that she’s shared a bed with a serial killer. Not only has he hurt random people, but he’s tried to kill her own brother.

Will Belle be able to cope with the consequences?
Hopefully, she will cope. We’ll see…

Have you enjoyed working with Thomas Atkinson who plays Lachlan?
He’s just so much fun to work with. He can go from throwing me against a wall, telling me he’s going to kill me, and then we’ll talk about Wotsits and Quavers. He’s just really fun to be with on set.

Belle and Lachlan’s future is not looking great if he’s pinning her up against walls, is it?
It would be a very crazy future indeed.

Will Lisa return if she finds out Belle has been dating a serial killer?
She’s only in Scotland, and she watches the news, so I think hopefully – if that was me, or my mom, even if she as in Australia she’d be back. Lisa has got to come back.



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