Belle Dingle’s secret affair with Jamie Tate will not be a secret anymore when they are outed to the whole of the Emmerdale village at the pub quiz. Actress Eden Taylor-Draper reveals what happens next.

Belle Dingle and Jamie Tate's affair exposed in Emmerdale
Belle Dingle and Jamie Tate’s affair exposed in Emmerdale

You’d think having had an affair with a married man before, Belle Dingle would know it is bound to all end in tears but that’s not stopped her getting involved with Jamie Tate. So when their affair is revealed to the whole of the Woolpack including Jamie’s wife, Belle is branded the ‘scarlet woman’ once again. Actress Eden Taylor-Draper explains the fallout for her current romance.

In the run up to quiz night how are things between Belle and Jamie?
I think they’re in a little bubble of excitement, sexual tension and the feeling of bliss. Belle thinks everything is going to be perfect in a few weeks’ time but little does she know…

Is Belle confident they have a future together?
I think she is. In the beginning I think she thought it couldn’t be possible but Jamie has changed her mind on all of that and I do think they both see a happy future even with all of what’s going on.

Do you think they have a plan to achieve this?
In my opinion I think there’s so much to think about and deal with I think it’s a case of cross that bridge when we come to it and stay in our little bubble. They know what they want and Jamie has to break up with Andrea to achieve that but I don’t think they’ve thought through the logistics.

Mon 1 June 2020: Jamie looks to Belle for answers?

He has mentioned divorce, hasn’t he?
Yes, i don’t think Belle would take it all this seriously if not. She truly believes that is what he wants and will do.

Does Belle have any inkling that Andrea has found out about them?
I don’t think she has, she wouldn’t purposefully be so blatant in front of Andrea.  Andrea hasn’t given it away too much so Belle is unaware because her focus is on Jamie.

Can you set the scene for the quiz night?
So Paddy reminds Belle and Jamie that it’s quiz night and they’re both quite reluctant to go because they have things to deal with relationship and Andrea wise but they go anyway. They are sat on the vets’ table with Paddy, Vanessa and Charity. I don’t think she really thinks about the fact Andrea is there or cares to be honest. She’s having fun on the vets’ table. It has been decorated and Bob is mainly in charge.

Does she worry when Leyla insists on taking everyone’s phones, knowing there’s intimate messages on her and Jamie’s phone? Or does she think it’s so people can’t cheat in quiz?
She thinks Leyla’s being weird but she doesn’t give Belle much chance to think about it. I think if she had a few minutes she would’ve made an excuse to keep hold of it and delete them but obviously doesn’t want to look suspicious.

Could you talk through the moment where Jamie and Belles affair is exposed. At what point in the evening is it?
It’s a few hours into the quiz I think. The picture round that the vets are in charge of pops up on the projector screen and all of a sudden instead it’s Belle and Jamie’s private messages. A few seconds after it sinks in what is going on and they both feel sick. Andrea starts crying and screaming at Jamie and Belle is left feeling like a disgusting person in complete shock.

What is the reaction from the pub and particularly the Dingle family?
The pub is just in shock. Obviously Ellis is there and feels so betrayed. She’s trying to deal with him. Whilst Charity, Andrea, Jamie and everyone else are judging the situation. Everyone is giving them both grief – which I understand. Charity backs her corner but most of the family are at home at the Dingles, so she’s yet to deal with them. Lydia is disappointed which hurts Belle I think, whilst Sam is just saying the most unhelpful things and Zak is trying to help his daughter yet can’t understand why she is going for a married man. And a Tate.

Mon 1 June 2020: How will Belle feel when Jamie blames her for outing them?

What is Belle’s immediate response?
I think she instantly wants to curl up in a ball and disappear. I think the reaction from the pub makes her realise what she’s actually done to a family. She can’t believe what’s happening and feels sick to the core.

Who does she feel she has let down?
I think Belle feels she has let her family down. Her mum, obviously Zak cheated on Lisa and that has stuck with Belle but clearly her love for Jamie over took that. I think she feels a massive amount of guilt. Also think she feels she’s let Millie down. She would never want a child to get caught up in something like this and so I can imagine she feels she has let down Jamie’s little family too.

I do think Belle tries to have good morals and be a good person but in this case love and lust over took that. I do believe she will try to do what’s right to fix this.

Jamie accuses Belle of having been behind the exposure? What does he say to her and how does this make her feel? Does he accuse her in the pub or privately?
Yes Jamie assumes Belle has done this because who else would go on her phone and leak them. After it all comes out Belle wants Jamie to protect her and be on her side but he does the opposite and says no one else would be this crazy. Belle is so hurt. Obviously he knows about her mental health problems and for him to throw them back in her face really makes her question the person he is. He shouts at her in front of everyone and Belle is left totally alone feeling she is to blame for everything.

Does she feel at that point their relationship is over?
I think she feels Jamie has taken Andreas word for it which she hates and also what he said to her in the pub. I think she feels very upset by that.

Are they capable of a happy ever after or are the odds stacked against them?
I think it’s hard, he has a wife and child and a mother who sticks her nose in and hates Belle and Belle wants commitment and a happy healthy relationship. I don’t know if these two will ever balance out, with everyone happy and getting along! So goodness knows!

Will Belle be embarrassed to see villagers having had her affair exposed to the full village?
I think definitely. I can only imagine the shame. Everyone knows her business! Obviously they work together so it’s so awkward. I don’t know how it will all pan out.

How are you spending your Lockdown time?
Just trying to make the most of my days! Getting outside for a walk keeps me sane. Also exercise and meditation are important to me so it’s nice to be able to give these priority.

I’ve been cooking, baking, reading, having a glass of wine on the front step in the evening sun. I have watched Normal People twice through already! I could do an interview purely on my love for that show! It’s the little things that mean the most. I miss my family and friends but the main thing is being safe healthy and following the rules.

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