Who stabbed Vanessa?

Emmerdale actress Michelle Hardwick gets straight to the point about her on-screen character Vanessa Woodfield getting stabbed while trying to save the Woolpack from a mysterious stranger!

Emmerdale Spoilers: Vanessa stabbed! Interview with actress Michelle Hardwick
Thurs 10 Jan 2019 – 7pm: Vanessa confronts the hooded figure but he stabs her.

Just when #Vanity fans thought life was settling down for Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) and Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) after they’ve moved into together, disaster happens when after an argument, Vanessa is stabbed trying to save their home and her son.

Since moving into the Woolpack, Charity and Vanessa along with their children have been getting on famously but with Christmas and the New Year, there are a few cracks starting to show and tempers are starting to fray.

“Vanessa and Charity aren’t having problems,” actress Michelle Hardwick assures us. “There’s a few little arguments with each other but nothing major. But Vanessa is getting the sense that Charity is always having a go and thinks Vanessa isn’t good enough for her. And Vanessa has had enough and gets Johnny and leaves the pub; Charity follows her out and they have another argument that escalates quite quickly and so Vanessa puts Johnny in car and they drive off without making up.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Vanessa stabbed! Interview with actress Michelle Hardwick
Thurs 10 Jan 2019 – 7pm: A returning Vanessa Woodfield is thrown to find a man splashing petrol round the bins.

“She drives round the corner and Vanessa stops the car and says to Johnny ‘I’m being silly, I’ve over reacted, come on let’s go back.’ As she drives around the corner, Vanessa sees this hooded figure with a petrol can pouring it over the Woolpack and she’s like ‘Oh my god, what do I do’ as there’s a pub full of people and her girlfriend. And so she does what she thinks is the right thing, tackles him, and in that instant she gets stabbed.”

Vanessa is soon left fighting for her life whilst her attacker makes a getaway in her car, unaware that her son Johnny is strapped into the back seat – and as flames and smoke billow from the back of the Woolpack, Jonny is driven off… But who is the attacker?

“You know what, I wish I could tell you but I can’t,” laughs Michelle. “We’ve got to think is it someone from her past, is it a connection to Charity or the Dingles, I dunno… who stabs her, we’ll have to wait and see. The audience has met them before. So that’s intriguing and it’s a he!”

As Vanessa struggles to raise help, she manages to get her phone out and rings Charity so it’s her girlfriend who comes out and finds her. Initially they think the wound is not that bad but it is actually worse than they think. So how will Charity react to her girlfriend in peril?

Emmerdale Spoilers: Vanessa stabbed! Interview with actress Michelle Hardwick
Thurs 10 Jan 2019 – 7pm: As the flames and smoke billow from the back of the Woolpack, Vanessa watches as Jonny is driven off…

“It depends if she survives or not,” Michelle teases. “What’s awful about this situation is the last time they spoke, she was in the midst of a very heated argument and Vanessa had stormed off and Charity let her. So the last thing Charity said to her was this argument. I think there will be a lot of guilt. But I think if she pulls through then I think it would bring them closer, who knows.

“Vanity fans will be shocked. They would be heartbroken if something happened but it’s Emmerdale, so it’s not always going to run smoothly and as actors we don’t want things to run smoothly, we want a bit of action and drama.”

So if Vanessa survives (and we think she will to be honest – let’s face it, there’s so much more story in Vanity to tell) is there more about her past that we don’t know that Michelle would like to explore?

“We don’t know anything about her mum, where or how she grew up really,” answers Michelle. “Now we know about her dad and her attack could be a connection to her dad who has probably made a few enemies in prison.

“But I’d love to have seen who my mum is/was. I think she’s alive because Vanessa has mentioned her but when Johnny was born she said her mum was not that interested so think she’s kept a distance from her. But she’s out there…”

Don’t miss all the drama in Emmerdale for Vanessa starting Mon 7th January at 7pm and every week night, including an extra episode at 8pm on Thursday.

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