Since meeting her son Ryan Stocks, Charity Dingle has been preparing herself to introduce him to the Dingles but is taken aback when he meets his biological father DI Bails. Emmerdale actor James Moore explains…

Emmerdale Spoilers: Ryan's perception is altered says actor James Moore
Wed 29 Aug 2018: At Irene’s house, Charity Dingle and Vanessa Woodfield burst in to find Ryan talking to Bails.

Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) has had a lot to deal with over the past few months since she admitted to being abused by evil DI Bails (Rocky Marshall), especially after discovering her son Ryan was still alive.

After building a relationship with Ryan, Charity is getting ready to introduce him to the rest of the Dingle family, including his siblings. Understandably, Charity is nervous and confides in girlfriend Vanessa that she has reservations about introducing Ryan to everyone.

Charity tells Ryan she is planning to tell her family about him, setting up a special family dinner, but her plans are cut short when she gets a worrying call from Irene. At Irene’s house, Charity and Vanessa arrive to find Ryan talking to Bails!

Struggling to contain her emotions, Charity confronts Bails, who insists he just wants to talk to his son. What is he there for and will he scupper the court case? Actor James Moore, who plays Ryan Stocks, explains what happens.

Ryan’s been very understanding with Charity so far. Is he getting impatient about knowing the other Dingles?
“Yes, I think he’s always felt some sense of resentment towards Charity Dingle even before he knew her for ‘abandoning’ him – purely because he didn’t know her reasons. Seeing her hesitant about telling her family reinforces everything Irene is telling him about being ashamed – at the end of the day he just wants to be accepted by Charity.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Ryan's perception is altered says actor James Moore
Mon 27 Aug 2018: Ryan Stocks is delighted when Charity Dingle introduces him to Moses.

What would it mean to him for Charity to introduce him as her son to them?
“It would be a new beginning for him – the tension and the frustration would be over and he can finally set about getting to know his family and making his mark in the village. It would also bring Ryan and Charity closer as Charity will finally have this tight family unit with them and also Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick), and their other children.”

What’s it like when she introduces him to Moses?
“It’s a really touching moment for everyone involved. He is so excited to have a little brother in his life and bigger family to come into, especially as for quite a while it’s just been him and Irene.”

Is Ryan excited when Charity starts planning the family dinner with the Dingles to make the announcement?
“Yes, he’s very excited to get to meet everyone and finally have the real family in his life after the tumultuous first couple of meetings with Charity, and he’s ready to dive right in and get to know everyone!”

What happens when DI Bails goes to see Ryan?
“Bails wants to meet Ryan under the guise that he is trying to get to know him and finally be a father to him again, but Ryan suspects that there is something amiss.”

Emmerdale Spoilers: Ryan's perception is altered says actor James Moore
Wed 29 Aug 2018: What is DI Bails at Irene’s house for and will he scupper the court case?

Is he curious about Bails and about what he has to say?
“Yes, he is curious and does want to know what he has to say as he wants to understand both sides of the story. After realising that Bails has a family and a wife, Ryan’s perception is altered and he is a bit more hesitant to believe Charity’s version of events.”

What is Charity’s reaction to find Ryan with Bails? Does it change the way Ryan feels about her?
“Charity is definitely alarmed by seeing them together and worried at the thought that Bails could be putting ideas into Ryan’s head but at the end of the day what she is really concerned about is Ryan’s safety. Ryan thinks otherwise, however, and is annoyed that everyone is interfering in what he believes is his own business.”

Does Bails do a good job of making Charity overwrought?
“To the audience he doesn’t because viewers know who he really is and what he has done but Ryan has only had people tell him about it. Because Ryan is on a quest to gain this independent lifestyle, he wants to decide for himself, and that makes it all the more frustrating and tense to watch because the audience won’t want Ryan to side with him!”

Emmerdale Spoilers: Ryan's perception is altered says actor James Moore
Thurs 30 Aug 2018 – 7pm: How will Charity Dingle’s decision affect her relationship with her son and her family?

Was it good fun to do these scenes – everyone has been waiting for Ryan to meet his dad?
“It was great fun working with everyone as always! The script was wonderfully written and really intense and fun to play. It was an incredibly hot day though, and we were sat in a living room with bright lights shining on us! So it was hot and exhausting, but as usual it was a real laugh and we had a great time.”

What’s it been like for you to be thrust straight into the middle of all this drama?
“For me personally having been put straight into the middle of the action has been fantastic! I love playing roles with tons of drama and high stakes. It’s so much fun to portray the highs and lows of the relationship between him and Charity. Every day I’m doing something new, fresh and different! Obviously for Ryan it’s a lot harder – balancing the relationship between two mums is difficult when he honestly just wants to keep everybody happy.”

Are you enjoying the interaction with the fans?
“Honestly the interaction with the fans is one of the best parts about this whole experience.  I was lucky in the sense that fans really enjoyed Ryan’s prescence from the get-go and immediately wanted to see more. I have a great relationship with fans on Twitter and I feel like I’ve been taken into the community of loyal Emmerdale enthusiasts with a really warm welcome and I’m so thankful for them – I try to interact with them as often as I can because they always make my day somehow!”


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