Ross Barton is looking forward to life again after deciding to leave Emmerdale for a new life in Liverpool with girlfriend Rebecca White. But when it comes to his son Moses and Rebecca’s son Seb, will their exit be as easy? Actor Michael Parr explains all…

Thurs 25 Oct 2018 – 8pm: Ross Barton suggests that they leave the village, Rebecca White is surprised and wonders if he is serious.

It has been more than a rough year for Ross Barton after the death of his parents and younger brother Finn was followed by a brutal acid attack. So it is no wonder he wants to leave all the bad memories behind him and start a new life elsewhere. But Ross seems to think he can take his son Moses with him along with girlfriend Rebecca (Emily Head) and her son Seb but as actor Michael Parr reveals it is not that easy…

Thurs 1 Nov 2018: With Ross Barton set on leaving, will Rebecca White go with him?

“It gets very complicated, Ross wants to have a fresh start with Rebecca, and he wants them to play happy families,” explains Michael Parr. “It’s a massive opportunity for him to turn away from all this bad boy stuff and go straight from now on. He’d like to do that with the woman he loves.

“Ross thought that Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) would be willing to let Moses go because she’s a bit of a rubbish mum, but she’s turned a corner since Ryan (James Moore) showed up, and she’s trying to correct the mistakes from her younger years.  He and Rebecca were more aware that Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) and Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) would protest about them taking Seb, though.”

It doesn’t help that Charity and Robert have to hear about Ross and Rebecca’s plans second-hand as although the excited couple have told Pete Barton and Rhona Goskirk, they put off telling the most important people in their children’s lives.

“It’s all a bit weird because Ross is arguing that he should have parental responsibility seeing as he’s raised Moses,” Michael adds. “But then Rebecca is arguing the opposite with Robert, even though he’s been bringing Seb up. Rebecca has to do the right thing by her son, but Ross has to leave the village, no matter what.”

Fri 2 Nov 2018: Will Ross Barton really leave alone or will Rebecca White change her mind?

With a new job promised in Liverpool, Ross has finally something to look forward to so is going with or without his son – or his girlfriend. So when Rebecca wants to delay their departure after a run in with Robert and Aaron, Ross is adamant he’s going regardless.

“Ross isn’t moving miles away, so he explains to her that it doesn’t have to be over between them,” Michael reveals. “But he definitely has to go because every time he turns a corner in Emmerdale, he’s reminded of he what he went through. He’s lost his mum, his dad, his little brother, had his heart broken and acid thrown in his face. Rebecca needs that fresh start too. They didn’t have the best beginning as a couple but they are two damaged humans who’ve turned to each other for help and found love.”

So will Ross leave on his own or will Rebecca change her mind again? Given she’s the Emmerdale equivalent of a boomerang, we won’t believe Rebecca is going to leave until we see that taxi leave Main Street.