Believed to be a reformed character, Robert Sugden reverts to his scheming ways next week in Emmerdale with Nicola King as his new partner in crime.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Robert Sugden reverts to scheming ways with Nicola King?
Tues 20 Nov 2018: Nicola King is frustrated and struggling with child care and whilst Aaron is away visiting Seb, Robert Sugden steps in to help.

The week starts with Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) struggling to juggle work and child care while husband Jimmy (Nick Miles) is on a job. With husband Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) away visiting their son Seb, Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) steps in to help.

The pair bond over the children, with Nicola realising that Robert is missing Seb, and discuss their money problems, resulting in the pair hatching a plan together to take control of the haulage firm back from Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough).

Emmerdale Spoilers: Robert Sugden reverts to scheming ways with Nicola King?
Tues 20 Nov 2018: Nicola King realises he is missing Seb and to solve both their money problems, they decide on a scheme together.

“Nicola likes Robert’s idea initially,” admits actress Nicola Wheeler. “Jimmy has been sent on a week-long haulage trip because Graham has made a mistake with an order. She’s stuck with a load of sick kids in the haulage office, but makes Robert look after them while she’s sorting stuff out. They end up chatting about the expense involved in bringing up children, and that’s what gets Robert thinking that he needs to get back in on the business.”

Robert was forced to hand his share in the haulage company over to Joe Tate in exchange for the ransom money Robert needed to free Aaron from the clutches of Sid McFarlane – although what the point of all that was, we’ll never know!

With Joe Tate ‘missing’, Kim Tate in prison and Graham hitting the bottle, it’s the perfect opportunity for Nicola and Robert to strike.

“Nicola does appreciate the prospect of Kim and Graham no longer owning half of her husband’s business,” Nicola adds. “And she and Robert do make rather a good pair, since they’re both quite ruthless! Usually, if any plan serves them for the greater goos, then they’ll be in there and doing it. And they won’t have any concerns about who gets hurt in the process.”

Emmerdale Spoilers: Robert Sugden reverts to scheming ways with Nicola King?
Wed 21 Nov 2018: Nicola King and Robert Sugden find Graham Foster passed out on the sofa at Home Farm

The scheming duo draw up the paperwork they need to trick Graham into signing and deliver them to Home Farm only to find Graham passed out on the sofa.

Nicola explains: “They wake him up and tell him that his signature is needed for something  to get through. They claim that Robert’s signature isn’t enough as he no longer has a stake in the firm. And Graham, in his drunkenness, is more than willing to put pen to paper.”

However, Nicola starts to get a guilty conscience and is fearful of what Graham will do when sober. Will she drop Robert in it with the Tate’s henchman?

“Nicola knows what Graham’s capable of, and that he’s a dangerous man,” teases Nicola. “And the only reason she and Robert have this opportunity is because he’s so drunk. Robert’s very blasé about the whole thing, and neither of them are worried about Kim, because she’s in prison now. But there’s then a moral issue for Nicola – is she willing to take advantage of someone who’s in a position as weak as Graham’s or might she end up with cold feet?”

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  1. Robert reformed? leopards never change their spots…… he plays the doting husband/father but he loves power more , i’m telling ya he’s so predictable its only a matter of time before he breaks Aaron’s heart (not that he’s a saint either) but i’m one step ahead of the storyliners!


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