Robert Sugden and Lachlan White have always been enemies but even more so now Lachlan is keeping quiet over what he has done to Rebecca – but nobody wants answers as much as Robert.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Robert feels guilty says Emmerdale's Ryan Hawley
Mon 17 Sept 2018: Robert Sugden is stunned when Lachlan White reveals he didn’t kill Rebecca and so implores him to reveal where Rebecca is.

At the police station, Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor Draper) tries her best to wrangle the truth from Lachlan White (Thomas Atkinson), but to no avail, leaving Robert no choice than to go face the troubled teen by himself.

In the interview room, Robert all but begs for Rebecca White’s location, but the ever scheming Lachlan refuses to give in, instead of telling Robert what he desperately wants to hear, he decides to torment him, going into detail about his plots to kill Robert and Liv.

Thrown, but not ready to give up on his hunt for Rebecca (Emily Head), he presses Lachlan for details. After revealing that she’s not dead, and sharing a rough location, Robert flees, in the hopes of getting to her on time. Despite his efforts, he’s horrified to learn she’s not there but even more worried by the state of the room.

Emmerdale Spoilers: Robert feels guilty says Emmerdale's Ryan Hawley
Mon 17 Sept 2018: Rebecca White is alarmed when the nurse suddenly comes towards her with a syringe, and it looks like it’s going to end badly…

There are chains on the floor, a hospital bed and blood scattered around the room, and Robert can only think of the worst case scenario. After calling the police, Robert heads back to the village, defeated. He’s come to the conclusion that Rebecca is dead.

While they mourn their loss, Rebecca is being held by a mystery woman in a different location. After taking her away from where Lachlan was holding her hostage, the nurse appears to be on her side, promising Rebecca it’ll be over soon, but things take a drastic turn as she comes at her with a syringe.

Will Robert come to Rebecca’s rescue? Ryan Hawley, who plays Robert, to find out why his onscreen alter ego is so desperate…

How is Robert feeling now he knows Lachlan was involved in Rebecca’s disappearance?
Robert feels really guilty initially – shocked – but guilty because he feels like he should have clocked and noticed that something wasn’t right. Liv tried to warn them that Lachlan was dodgy and he was involved and he feels bad that he could have done something, but he didn’t.

When Robert first hears that Rebecca’s still alive but doesn’t know where, what does he think has happened?
He has no idea! The circumstances are very strange; she left abruptly, Seb was left here, he tried to get in touch, she left him a voicemail… It was very out of character. She left the baby without saying goodbye. She called and said she was in Wales, not Ibiza, she needed to clear her head.

Does Robert regret not digging deeper at that point?
He does. He was suspicious and he did follow up leads. He found her diary with Liv and brought it back. He knows there’s no way she ever left for Ibiza in the first place because her passport was there, so she couldn’t have left the country. He followed it up somewhat, but he feels like he could have done more.

Talk through the scene where Robert faces Lachlan in prison. Is Lachlan toying with him? What was he like?
Although Lachlan is imprisoned, and he’s been caught and will eventually be sentenced for what he’s done, he has all the cards and complete control of the situation, because Robert needs his help. Lachlan doesn’t have to help and won’t give him that information. He enjoys toying with Robert and getting his own back for all the wrong-doing Robert has caused to his family. It was great.

How does he feel to find out Lachlan tried to kill him and Liv with the carbon monoxide?
Foolish, because Liv said Lachlan had something to do with it and Robert didn’t listen.  They thought there was something wrong with Liv and she was acting out and fictionalising these things. Robert feels stupid, and also disgusted by the lengths Lachlan would go to. Also, Seb was in the house. It’s sickening.

What was his reaction when Lachlan tells him Rebecca is still alive?
He’s completely shocked. Up to this moment, everyone has been saying Rebecca’s dead and we all need to move on, he killed all of these people so why would she be any different? He killed Lawrence and Chrissie, and he confessed that. Everyone has assumed she’s gone too, and a part of Robert was starting to believe it too, up until this moment.

Lachlan gives him an address and he speeds there. What does he find?
He gets there as quick as he can and finds a locked room. He kicks the door down and gets inside. It’s an odd, strange and bizarre set up, very clinical almost. There are signs of a struggle with blood. The fact that she’s not there, he feels awful. He calls the police straight away. He’s in a state of shock at what he’s looking at. In that moment, he thinks she’s dead. He thinks he got there too late or that Lachlan has sent him there to put him in pain.

Lachlan says he left her with a nurse, does Robert believe that?
No, he doesn’t believe it. Up until this point, Lachlan has been unreliable, dishonest and manipulative, so he doesn’t believe him.

What has this storyline been like for you to play out?
It was a lot of fun, especially the climax when Lachlan has the gun and Ross and Robert go to try and find Rebecca but end up hitting Belle. It was all filmed outdoors and it was nice, summer weather. It was good to get out of the studio and see the sunlight.

You worked with Eden who plays Belle…
Yes, we never really get to work together so it was really nice. I got to know her a little bit more which was nice because I’m not in a lot of scenes with her.

Did you enjoy doing the big, final, face-off scenes with Thomas Atkinson who plays Lachlan?
Yeah!  There were four scenes one after the other, and it was nice to see Lachlan as he is, rather than being duplicitous and the evil villain he’s been this whole time, having control and power over Robert.

People were wary as soon as Lachlan first came to the village weren’t they?
He’s always been the centre focus of the White family. He’s always been troublesome, and troubled from the beginning when he first came into the show. He’s had a lot going on in the first few years. It’s been quite a journey for his character.



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